‘Carrie’ Coffee Shop Prank Goes Viral (Video)

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Ever been to a hip, little coffee shop? Accidents happen, none stunned the crowd more when a young man stands up and accidentally bumps into the girl sitting at a table next to him. After her outraged indignation at the man’s nonchalant apology, coffee shop Carrie is born.  The pretty young lady throws her open hand at the man and promotional brilliance is exalted. The video has gone mega viral as millions of people watch Carrie come alive.

Viewers laugh and immerse in the expressions beaming across patrons faces as the camera touches on each one. From astonishment to fear, coffee drinkers in the shop scramble towards the exit to escape the anger of the telekinetic girl.  Viral marketing is entering a new age and instead of expensive ads and filler trailers, studios are embracing the public in their scheme of box office numbers.

While coffee shop Carrie has gone mega viral, the theater version is slated to hit October 18, 13 days shy of Halloween. The beautiful and talented Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) will be taking the lead role of Carrie White. Julianne Moore is starring as the scary Margaret White and  Ansel Elgort will join the cast as the unconditional loving Tommy Ross.

The viral video king, Thinkmodo orchestrated the coffee shop prank, to develop fan intrigue in the upcoming movie. The video advertising company has an impressive list of clients from Sony Pictures, FilmDistrict and AMC. The team of creators have stunned the public in other ways, such as the Zombie Experiment in NYC. The video created waves of astonishment as everyday New Yorkers ran into zombies. The result? Pure genius.

It was AMC who reached out to Thinkmodo to accomplish the experiment in the summer of 2012.  And, within five months of the experiment, AMC renewed Walking Dead for a fourth season. It also remains one of the most popular shows on cable television. The viral marketing company has developed a niche in a saturated marketing field, by working with the public unknowingly to develop response and results.

In the growing age of technological advancements, Thinkmodo has expanded the process of advertising! Include fantastic make-up, effects, tools and the right acting ability – they have distinguished themselves from print companies of old…like Mad Men, another AMC favorite. Remakes are hitting Hollywood in waves, the Carrie trailer (included at the end of this article) provides a nice change to that with star power.

Moretz was raised in what she calls a “very Christian” family, so it is surprising to see the blonde beauty star in darker roles. Roles like Hit-Girl in the so-not-made-for-kids movie, Kick-Ass where violence, gore and murder topped the scenes. In addition, Moretz starred in Let Me In, a movie that portrayed her as a 12-year-old vampire.  The young rising star is also starring in upcoming films Dark Places, The Equalizer and The White Circus. She is a definite rising talent in Hollywood, her earthy connection is working for studios and audiences across the globe.

Carrie will be released in national theaters on October 18. Sony Entertainment and Thinkmodo joined forces to create the best advertising of the Halloween season. Coffee shop Carrie has struck, did it also strike your intrigue in the movie? Let us know!


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