Breaking Bad Halloween: Trick or Treat B*tch

Breaking Bad Halloween: Trick or Treat B*tch

Breaking Bad Halloween: Trick or Treat B*tch

According to Breaking Bad costumes are a very hot search in Google at the moment. They say that the this number is three times larger this year. So it looks like in terms of popularity, a Breaking Bad Halloween is in order this year, so “trick or treat…b*tch.”

Going as Heisenberg, aka Walter White could be the ultimate thrill on Halloween. Although without the proper garb, folks may not recognise your choice. Actor Bryan Cranston walked through the crowded rooms in Comic Con this year with his Heisenberg mask on and no-one noticed. But if your friends are that bit more hip, you could be the epic win at any Halloween party you decide to attend.

The show finished in September and a prequel has been announced by AMC that will follow the fortunes of Saul Goodman during his pre=Heisenberg days. But if you want to dress up as Saul, Walter, Gus, Jesse or even Hank or agent Gomez this would be the time to show your devotion to the New Mexico drama that ended this year.

But the spooky holiday that is rapidly approaching is really for kids and this is reflected in the number one search for costumes. The numero uno search term is for Despicable Me Minions’ outfits. If you opt to dress as Walter White in his meth cooking coveralls, you would at least be color coordinated with the Minions and very easy to see.

Other searches for costume ideas include The Great Gatsby, Duck Dynasty and Miley Cyrus – although her lack of clothing makes her an easy choice. But somewhat surprisingly, Miley came in as the number five choice for Halloween costume popularity. Although the folks who comprised the list did provide the information that Cyrus twerked on the Grammy’s and not MTV.

The list and the information that Breaking Bad was one of the hottest searches for Halloween costumes came from Market Watch. According to the site, Americans are going to drop around $2.6 billion on the purchase of Halloween costumes. That’s an impressive enough figure to bring out the Heisenberg in us all. Or the Jesse Pinkman, “trick or treat b*tch and give me some money for a decent costume!”

The purchasing breakdown for costumes is: children’s outfits will pull in around $1 billion; adults costumes around $1.2 billion; and pets will be around the tune of $330 million. But if you want to come to the party as Walter White’s alter ego Heisenberg, you may have trouble finding the appropriate hat. The porkpie style that White wears was replicated in a very limited edition. Cheating may be required or it may just be better to show up in gas mask and hazmat suit.

Bald caps could transform you into Walt or his DEA brother-in-law Hank and a knit cap could make you Jesse’s twin, yo. Female fans can be Lydia, Marie – possibly the easiest character to come as, just overload the purple – or Skyler – probably easier if you really are pregnant.

Possibly the easiest Walter White outfit would consist of shoes, a pair of Y-fronts and an apron. But fans of the show have a myriad of characters to chose from, Tuco, Gus, Jane, Todd, Uncle Jack and Saul Goodman who would probably just as popular and a lot more fun.

Just stock up on some of Saul’s better quips and you could be the life and soul of any Halloween party. As one website puts it, if you sort out your Breaking Bad Halloween outfit now, you’ll be a hit and a “creative genius.” If you don’t want to spend out lots of money on a Walter White “outfit” just grab a wool hat, bulky jacket, and jeans. That way for a minimum of cost you can march up to the door and demand, “Trick or treat, b*tch.” And don’t forget to have attitude, yo!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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