Breaking News! Shots Fired at U. S. Capitol [Update]

US Capitol


MSNBC reports the U. S. Capitol Building, and surrounding grounds, were locked down following reports of shots fired. Police, with weapons at the ready, converged on the Capitol and Capitol police have issued a “shelter in place” warning to Congressman working on the grounds.

Information is sketchy, but some witness report officers may have been wounded.  MSNBC reports several capitol police office injured. No information on the nature of those injuries.

Members of the House were discussing budget issues in Chambers and were instructed to “shelter in place.” Negotiations came to a halt as House representatives recessed and gathered their staff behind locked doors in the inner-most parts of the building.

Witnesses report the perimeter of the grounds appears to be secured and at least one helicopter has been spotted in the area.

MSNBC correspondent Pete Williams reports this incident started outside the White House and the driver attempted to breach security there. Secret Service agents pursued the driver toward the Capitol Building, down Constitution Avenue. Shots were exchanged on Capitol Hill, on the side away from the White House.

The crisis appears to over, as the driver/shooter has been neutralized.  The lock down has been lifted and Capitol police will be holding a press conference in a matter of minutes.


Written by: Brandi Tasby

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