Breast Cancer Awareness: Mammogram Reduce Deaths in Women over 40

Written By: Susan Seymour
Does early detection using a mammogram reduce the amount of deaths to breast cancer in women over 40?

I found this article to be quite interesting..I also viewed similar information on the Today show this morning with Dr. Oz..I do agree with the article when it stated how early detection in women age 40-50 reduces the amount of deaths from breast cancer..I can definitely speak about this subject..I was diagnosed with stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma in November 2012..I admit I hadn’t had a mammogram prior to this..Would getting a mammogram 4 yrs ago have caught my breast cancer earlier? Perhaps..

I will say I am a big proponent for self exams..I did find my tumors thru a self exam..I can’t say if a mammogram would have found it earlier..probably..But, I don’t feel mammograms are enough..Most women who do get breast cancer usually always have various other tests after..But a mammogram is the first test they do..Is it the most accurate?No..Even Dr.Oz said today on the Today show ,”there are many false positives”..

In my case, my own self exam got me into the Dr. and she ordered the mammograms and ultra sound..It was suggested I be treated with a mastectomy,reconstruction,tamoxifen,herceptin and chemo..I chose to do more research , get other opinions,,even switch to a raw diet for a short period of time..In May of 2013 I was re diagnosed with stage 4 Metastic breast cancer..I asked my oncologist, if I did surgery what would have happened..He said most likely it would have spread ..It took a PET-Scan to pick up the stage 4..My intuition told me not to have surgery..Now I am not telling you to not listen to your Dr., but I am saying get other opinions..It took more than just a mammogram to diagnose me..Thermograms are also as effective, from what I have read for early detection and don’t use radiation..

I am a real big advocate of self exams..So ladies please get familiar with your breasts..The best way to check is in the shower or while laying in your left arm under your head and check your left breast with your right hand..Take the tips of your finger and go around the outside of your breast in a circle..also check in your arm pits for lumps..Repeat this on the right side..

I can’t speak whether a mammogram saved my life..Yes, it caught the cancer, but I needed several other more detailed tests to pick up the me static cancer..I feel my own self exam saved my life..It got me to the Dr..Use your hands and follow your gut they are your best assets.

Written By: Susan Seymour

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  1. Lidi59   October 24, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    The mainstream news media continues to disseminate sound bites claiming mammograms decrease mortality in women in their forties. This is hype, not science. No reliable, sound study has ever shown that. In fact, several robust studies found no noteworthy reduction in mortality of breast cancer from mammogaphy, at any age (see the ebook “The Mammogram Myth: The Independent Investigation Of Mammography The Medical Profession Doesn’t Want You To Know About” by Rolf Hefti). Women need to look past the propaganda for real answers…

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