Britney Spears is Super Sexed


Britney Spears manager and father, both, are speaking out in opposition to a radio interview she did where she states she felt she had been made to go too far in the sex area and is super sexed up when it comes to her overly-sexualized music videos.

She stated that, a lot of sex went into what she did, but that sometimes she wanted it to be like the old days when she wore one clothing outfit through her entire video. She was basically just dancing and there was not much sex going on. Spears did this interview on The TJ Show on AMP 103.3 in Boston on Thursday.

Her father and manager both deny that Britney Spears felt this way about the video while she was doing it and that she was not forced to act super sexed up for it.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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