Brooklyn Mass Stabbing Suspect in Court

Brooklyn stabbing suspect in court

The Brooklyn mass stabbing suspect who is accused of murdering a woman and her four children is to be arraigned in court on multiple murder charges Monday, stated Officer Christopher Pisano of the New York Police Department.

Mingdong Chen, age 25, gave the police statements after Saturday night’s stabbing binge over his part in the deaths, explained Chief Phillip Banks. Chen had to use a translator because he did not know English well enough to speak for himself, He told how he allegedly used a butcher’s knife, which was recovered from the crime scene, to kill all his victims.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the spark in Chen to do such a horrible act. He had been staying with the family for over a week or so before the stabbings occurred. The home was located in the Sunset Park district of Brooklyn.

Officer Banks explained how Chen spoke in a very quiet manner but said that since he had arrived in the United States, it seemed to him that everyone else was doing better than he was. He said that he hated his life and was very angry at his cousin for what he had. He allegedly was so jealous of the cousin’s family he murdered all of them because of it.

Chen had been out of work after being fired from numerous different jobs. He was unable to hold down any kind of employment for more than a few weeks at any given time, stated relatives and neighbors.

He did not have any sort of criminal record in New York City before, but now has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and four counts of second-degree murder, along with having criminal possession of a weapon. Chen also allegedly attacked the police officer who handled his arrest. This led to more charges being added, which were assault of a police officer and also resisting arrest, Banks added.

Investigators have identified all the murder victims. They were Qiao Zhen Li, age 37, whose husband was a cousin of Chen’s; Linda Zhuo, age 9; Amy Zhuo, age 7; Kevin Zhuo, age 5; and William Zhuo, age 1. All five of them were stabbed in the upper parts of their bodies, police said. Three children died at the scene of the crime, and the mother and another child were pronounced dead at hospitals which were close-by, police explained.

Banks also said that the alleged suspect’s last known address was located in Chicago. He had apparently moved around very much since he came to the United States in 2004 from China and was considered a drifter.

The mother of four had been at her home alone with her young children and also Chen on Saturday. She was said to have noticed Chen acting strange, Banks said. After she tried to call her husband, who was at his place of employment, she then called her mother-in-law, who lives in China. It is believed that Li’s mother-in-law forewarned her own daughter, who then went to the victims home with her husband to see if the family was alright. After banging on the front door for quite some time, they explained to police that Chen eventually opened it and he was supposedly covered in blood.

Police were called and now the Brooklyn stabbing suspect is in court to face the deeds he has allegedly done.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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