Kathleen Sebelius Should Be Fired?

Kathleen Sebelius should be fired?

Many Republicans in government want Kathleen Sebelius fired. Since the Obama administration has faced nothing but scrutiny because of the trouble that has happened after the launch of the Affordable Care website, many others wonder if they are right? This website is the only online way that people are able to purchase health insurance, and is the cornerstone of the president’s signature governmental feat.

Sebelius, who is the Health and Human Services Secretary, is set to face powerful pressure this week about being more forthcoming on how many people have actually been able to enroll for insurance coverage. She will sit before a Senate House committee and be interrogated on how such binding technical problems were able to go unnoticed before the website’s Oct. 1 unveiling.

Democrats state this new system required time to get up and running, and it should be fixed so finally millions of people will be able to obtain insurance. Steve Beshear, the governor of Kentucky and a Democrat, explained how the site seemed to be working fine in his state, one that has some of the worst health figures in the United States.

A few states like Kentucky have put up their own online connections which seem to be working better than what the federal website is. Numerous states, which have Republicans in charge, refused to do this because their governors are against the health care program in the first place.

The open market is the main way to get health insurance under this new health law. It states that the majority of Americans will be required to have coverage by Jan. 1. People in the middle income bracket who do not get any insurance from their places of employment can buy private plans that have new tax credits added on to allow the premiums to be cost-effective. People in the lower income area will be directed to an extended version of Medicaid, which is insurance that the government uses already for disabled, poor, and elderly individuals. It will deliver health care coverage for the poorest in states that decide to extend the insurance program that have not been able to qualify for Medicaid before now.

The United States has been the only top established country not to have some sort of national health care system. This system was attempting to change that even though it still is not the government-run insurance in place like in Canada or Britain. It uses various ways to oblige or inspire Americans to get their own private insurance, or for the poor or elderly,  to be able to get insurance approved by the government they could not before.

Obamacare is the nearest thing Americans have ever had that comes close to being a type of universal health care. It has support of Democrats but has had nothing but giant resistance from Republicans from the beginning.

Republicans want to know how much money has been put into the website, and how much more it is going to total up before the problems are fixed. They say they also want to know when all the things on the site will up and ready and what should people be expecting to see when they go to the website.

The inferior startup has led to many calls coming to Capitol Hill where people are wanting to know what they are supposed to do about the penalties that will be put on those who stay without insurance if they cannot get signed up due to the delays.

The Obama administration said it is will to spread out the grace period until March 31. This marks the ending of open registration. That would give individuals another six weeks. Insurance companies say going any farther past that point risks destabilization of the new system because it will allow younger, healthier people a break. Their premiums are what will be required to pay for the bigger cost of covering older people who have pre-existing conditions that now cannot be turned away from getting any insurance.

The administration did not have to state the website on Oct.1. It was Sebelius who had the option to set enrollment dates of when she thought best. Officials could have suspended open enrollment by a few months or even just slowly worked in admission to the insurance website.

However throughout the summer and into fall, the government and most of all, Sebelius, insisted it was all set to go live in each of the 50 states come the beginning of October. Yet now the administration admits the website has many complex problems and has appointed a private agency to come in to work on fixing it.

They are now saying everything should be up and running fine come the end of November. Everyone that is interested is hoping so. If not, Kathleen Sebelius just might be fired from her job.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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  1. Jeff Niehus   November 6, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Yes, this lying public official should be fined, fired without pension benefits, and indited for gross misrepresentation and perjury before congress.

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