Burger King’s Name Transformation: Fries King?

New Burger King Fries

You may have noticed in the last couple of days that a major change has been made to the fast food franchise, Burger King.  In what is being labeled as a public relations stunt, it seems that the home of the whopper has switched its focus. What is the new focus?  A promotion of Burger King’s newly introduced “satisfries” – french fried that are healthier and supposedly less fattening than regular fries.

So, how much better are “satisfries” than regular fries?  Burger King says that “satisfries” are 40 percent less fattening with 30 percent fewer calories, but with all of the same great taste.  The confusion, however, is that these fries are made with the same ingredients in the same oil and cooked in the same way as regular fries.  The difference is in the amount of ingredients used.  In September, Burger King introduced the idea and announced the release of the new “satisfies.” Though the introduction of healthier, lower calorie fries is hardly the only thing BK has on the menu so why the name change to “Fries King?”

A name change was probably not something that was expected by founders, James McLamore and David Edgerton, who built BK in 1954.  After many years of striving to provide consumers with high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food, Burger King is now the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world with over 11,000 restaurants worldwide.

But, now, to catch the attention of customers everywhere, the beloved restaurant is now known as “Fries King” or “FK.”  Over the course of two days many changes have been made.  Burger King’s entire website has been changed to “Fries King” from the logo, to the content.  All of the commercials now make a statement at the end that says, “Fries King formerly known as Burger King.”  In many areas the main sign on Burger King restaurants has changed and supplies now come with the FK logo.  Even the BK Crown Card is now the FK Crown Card.  All stores are expected to make some changes as time continues.

This change, while meant to bring positive media to the new “satisfries,” has actually been receiving many negative reviews as consumers state that a name that has been famous for over 50 years should not be changed.  Given that this is supposedly a stunt, many consumers are extremely confused.  Consumers also state that a major change to the franchise is not necessary just to get customers to buy healthy fries.

Over the last several years, in fact, many fast food franchises have worked to move towards the healthier options that customers have been demanding.  McDonald’s, Sonic, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and many others, have offered salads and healthy snacks, provided calorie info for menu items, and increased the amount of diet drinks available on their soda machines.  As obesity has increased in the U.S., so has the amount of effort for restaurants to offer convenient, but healthy, options.  All of the fast food franchises have made menu changes successfully without major business changes, yet the home of the whopper is now all about the fries.

Sources say that the name change is only pretend and will not last forever.  They also say that the name change is only meant to bring publicity to the new focus on “satisfries.” But, consumers are still wondering what this change means for Burger King.


Written by: Crystal Boulware

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