Why Are YOU Crying?

Why Are YOU Crying?

Today more and more people are crying for no conscious reason.  And if one were to ask, “Why Are You Crying,” we could all probably give a number of reasons why.  Problems at home, trouble with the children, not enough money, job uncertainty and, now, let’s add a new reason to grab a towel; The Government Shutdown.  This alone is enough to make you, me or anyone cry.

In recent weeks there have been threats by the Republican Party of an impending  government shutdown.  The reason: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was signed into law on March 23, 2010, better known as “Obamacare.” This week those threats turned into reality, when several divisions of the government closed down, causing a trickle-down effect. Most assuredly this effect will be felt by the non-rich, the non-wealthy, and the non-trust-funders trying to make a living. The political Mexican Standoff between President Obama and the opposing team has everyone who is in need crying for one reason or another.

The Obamacare program is meant to assist in providing affordable health care to those who need insurance, but can’t afford it without subsidy.  For those in need, it’s a good thing. But for those who are out-of-touch concerning “the needy,” it’s nothing more than nuisance.

Let’s face it, unless you live on planet Krypton, with your head buried in the sand, it’s not hard to figure out the underlying reason for this shutdown and it’s called Obamacare.  Still, one can’t help but wonder, if President Bush were still in office, would Bushcare garner the same negative response, and have so many people crying?

Right now, all American’s should be crying, because we’re all affected, especially if you’re depending on a paycheck from the Government. For days, weeks, and possibly months, the poor, middle class, working class, or those in a class of their own, will feel the effects.  So who’s crying now…?

Parents are crying because Head Start Programs are impacted and pending grants for new programs will be on-hold.

Children are crying because Supplemental Nutrition Programs are affected with the possibility of WIC temporary shutting down.

Government employees are crying because they are being forced into unwanted furloughs.  Translation: unpaid time off or time/pay reduction on the job.

Food and Drug Administration employees are crying because even though most routine safety inspections have been suspended, work will be certain, but pay will be questionable.

The Republicans are crying because they want to deny, deprive, deplete, and detract, from those who deserve healthcare, food programs, education, and other benefits which our taxes pay for.

The President is crying because he seems to want the best for the country, but it isn’t coming without a price.

Sure, we could talk about the national debt, floundering global markets, senseless wars, government avarice, and anything else that depletes U.S. resources at an alarming rate.  And right now, the resource is us.

So as you read the news and tears begin to well in your eyes, if someone should ask you “Why Are You Crying,” just say for no conscious reason. But, if you’re a Government employee or one in need of Obamacare, I guarantee that you won’t be crying alone.  Because while everyone else is being furloughed, Congress and the Senate are still getting paid and receiving health care benefits!


Written By DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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