Capital Shooting – An Eyewitness Account [Live Video Update] Follow-Up



At a press briefing at 6PM EST, representatives from multiple law enforcement agencies presented updates and took questions from reporters.

Ed Donavan from the Secret Service reported that at around 212 PM EST an unauthorized vehicle approached an outer perimeter checkpoint at the White House.  Uniformed SS agents stopped the female driver of the vehicle and the driver then fled east on Pennsylvania Avenue, striking a Secret Service agent in the process.

Donavan stated the incident is under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service, the FBI , DC Metro Police and US Capitol Police.  Donavan stressed that there were no shots fired either on the White House grounds or on the Capitol Hill grounds, but shots were fired by officers  at at least two locations along the route of the chase.

Chief of Capitol Police Kim Dine reported he spoke with the injured Capitol officer, a 23-year veteran of the force and he is “doing very well.”  Chief Dine reports that at this time the incident “appears to be isolated and singular” with no apparent “nexus to terrorism.”  The child reported in the car was rescued by officers and taken to initial on-site medical care. The child was later taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

DC Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier reports that all information at this time is preliminary. She declined to answer any questions about the suspect, the evidence or the ongoing investigation. Lanier confirmed shots were fired at two locations along the car chase route from the White House to Capitol Hill by both Secret Service and Metro police.  Chief Lanier confirmed the female suspect was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting in the 100 block of Maryland Avenue. No details about the suspect are being released pending notification of next of kin.  The child removed from the crashed car is currently in protective custody and seems to have no serious physical injuries.

Chief Lanier further reports that there were two injured officers, one from Secret Service and one from Capitol police and both “will be OK.” When asked if the entire incident could be laid down to an accident, Chief Lanier responded it was unlikely as the suspect rammed multiple law enforcement vehicles during the car chase. According to Lanier, DC Metro Police will be leading the investigation with support from FBI, Capitol Police, and Secret Service.

None of  law enforcement agencies released details in reference to the suspect’s ethnicity or heritage at this time. There is no apparent motive for the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


From earlier today:

MSNBC reports the incident began when an unidentified woman attempted to ram through a White House Security gate. CNN reports the female suspect was not obeying police or slowing down. She was also running lights. Security footage is being pulled from the White House checkpoint. There was a verbal exchange at the checkpoint. Police confirm there are two active crime scenes have been secured.     Secret service agents pursued the woman toward the capitol Building, where she exited the car and fired a gun at them and police.  The woman was shot  and condition is not currently unknown.

According to an eyewitness there was a woman driving, hit a police car near the White House, then made her way toward the Capitol.  This is when the shooting started.  It ended at the Senate offices just left to the Capitol, the Hart Senate building.

There were senators outside when shots were fired. There was a child in the vehicle. Police Officers on the scene have recovered the child.

The child’s face is being filmed. This is not the ethical norm for journalists.

The police office was injured in the crash at Capitol Hill after she left the White House.

A female suspect was shot by the Secret Service after she collided with barricades outside the White House gates, according to ABC news. CBS has confirmed that a female suspect was shot after a police chase. There was a child in her car who has been removed from the scene, CNN reports.

The shooter has been apprehended and the lockdown has ended, according to Bloomberg News. One police officer was injured, AP reports.
One person was injured in the shooting, Sen. Harry Reid apparently told CNN’s Dana Bash.  Press conference at 4:15 Eastern time.

The female suspect  who crashed her car on Capitol Hill was shot and reportedly killed by US Capitol police, authorities tell Pete Williams of NBC News, but CNN says the woman is not dead but is in custody. Her condition is unknown

It is unclear whether or not the suspect had a gun, but deadly force was authorize. This is standard procedure in situations where authorities deem there is a credible threat to the President.  This was established when she crashed into the barricade.

Multiple outlets are reporting the female suspect has been killed.

The child has been removed from the scene.  The child appears to be  two years old.


MSNBC reports the incident began when an unidentified woman attempted to ram through a White House Security gate.   Secret Service Agents drew and the driver backed into a police cruiser, then sped off.  CNN reported that the female suspect was not obeying police or slowing down.  She had been also previously disregarded traffic signals. Security footage was pulled from the White House security checkpoint. There was a verbal exchange at the checkpoint.  The female suspect was reported to have had a small child as a passenger. Police confirmed that there were two active crime scenes. Secret service agents pursued the woman toward the Capitol Building, where she exited the car and then fired a gun at them and the police.  The woman was shot and was  declared dead at the scene by several media outlets.

A Capitol police officer was injured in the collision. He was med-evaced to a nearby hospital reported to be alive but otherwise in unknown condition.


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  1. SONNY B   April 12, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    It is amazing that the news can say “NOTHING” and make “NOTHING” sound so important

  2. Lydia   October 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Was this woman the mother of a child whose NIH treatment has been stopped because Sen. Reid refuses to take up funding bill from house to allow NIH to continue treatments? Why would he want to save one child’s life?

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