Burn Fat with Steak and Eggs

Burn Fat with Steak and Eggs

At some point, everyone wants to look a million bucks. They want that head turning bikini body or the chiseled statuesque physique of Hercules. Millions try and millions fail. Very few people are successful in their weight loss goals. Why is it so damn hard? The internet provides an  information rich environment, the very secrets of the universe are at our finger tips. Everything from how to survive in the arctic to the best cheese whiz recipe. Weight loss should be easy! Dropping unwanted fat should be easy! It’s not, and the internet makes it harder.  Not all information is created equally, and in the information saturated web, sifting through the crap to find the gold is a slow, time consuming process. However, one shouldn’t confuse easy with simple. Burning fat can, in fact, be simple, whether or not it’s easy has much more to do will discipline and personal preference. This is why some folk are trying out the steak and eggs diet.

The steak and eggs is as straightforward as it sounds.  You eat steak and eggs, lots of steak and eggs. You can use salt and pepper for seasoning. You drink water or black coffee or unsweetened tea. Butter is your friend, cook with it. Meal frequency is twice-a-day and both meals are identical,  3/4 lb to 1 1/2 pounds of steak and 4-6 eggs, no snacks. Simply put, this is a ketogenic paleolithic diet integrating intermittent fasting principles. It’s okay if that didn’t make sense. The diet qualifies as intermittent fasting because of the restricted eating window and paleolthic because the diet avoids all grains and emphasizes meat as a primary nutrient.

It’s the ketogenic qualities of the diet though that are the most intriguing. A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydate diet that is high in fat with a moderate amount of protein. Instead of using the carbohydrate, glucose, as the primary energy source, the liver will produce ketones, which can kick the body’s ability to burn fat into overdrive. However, not all forms of ketosis are created equally. A low carb diet, low fat, high protein diet can lead to a condition known as rabbit starvation, also known as protein poisoning. This is why the macro-nutrient ratio is important. Eliminating the eggs and butters will lead you down a dark, dangerous path. If eggs present an auto-immune issue or food allergy, the steak and eggs diet isn’t for you, don’t even try it. Although for the rest of the population, eggs provide a healthy source of essential fatty acids and vitamins.

The steak and eggs diet may not work as a permanent paradigm shift in your day to day eating habits, a few months may be ideal for burning fat. However, there is evidence suggesting that ketogenic diets may constitute a long term solution for special populations.  Individuals with epilepsy and diabetes have shown significant improvement when on ketogenic diets.

Oh!  There is a cheat day. Yes, once a week the diet drops the carb restrictions, and it’s piggy time. There’s been much discussion in recent years over the value of cheat days, but rather than get into a long drawn out discussion look at it this way. If you have the discipline to stick to a fat burning diet consisting of two foods, a little psychological relief will go a long way in maintaining adherence.

Written By David Arroyo


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