Burning Man’s Family Awarded $5.5 Million Settlement

Burning Man's Family Awarded $5.5 million settlement

The family of a man who was set on fire at the U-Gas Station, situated in northwest Miami-Dade, has been awarded $5.5 million, following a settlement against the station’s owner.

Last Christmas, Darrell Brackett (aged 44) was traveling back home in his car when he ran low on gas. Brackett made a trip to a nearby gas station to fill up his container, when he was ambushed by a gang of men.

The three suspects stole Brackett’s container, doused him in the gasoline he had procured, and set fire to him. He was later transported to hospital, but tragically died less than two months later.

According to NBC News, Bridgett Brackett, who was Darrell’s mother, had this to say:

“It’s the kind of pain that’s with you every day.”

Todd Michaels, Bridgett Brackett’s attorney, explained why the settlement against the gas station commenced. Michaels explained that the owner was fully aware that drug dealers were operating on his premises, alongside “constant criminal activity,” and a spate of robberies.

In spite of this, the owner did nothing to stop these subversive deeds. Furthermore, security cameras along the building remained non-functional and, even though prior crimes had been committed at the station, there was no attempt to guarantee the safety of its customers.

The family of Darrell Brackett aim to bring his killers to justice. Thus far, they have been unable to do so.

By: James Fenner

NCB News Source

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