Capital Building Shooting Update

The woman on the far right.
The woman on the far right.

34 year old Miriam Carey has been identified as the woman who rammed the gate of the white house with her car. “She had been struggling with post-partum depression after having the baby,” her mother, Idella Carey, told police. Miriam had even been hospitalized for her depression in the several months that followed the birth of her 1 year old daughter, Erica. The child is in protective custody currently and it will be arranged later to who the child will go to. Idella also claims that Miriam had not history of violence and that she believed that Miriam was taking the one year old to a doctor’s appointment.

Her boss for eight years, Dr. Steven Oken says that she was never a political person and usually bright and happy. He claimed that it was astonishing to learn that the woman was his long time employee, “I never would have guessed it would be her,” he said, “especially not with her daughter in the car.”

Neighbor Erin Jackson, says that he absolutely believed that she was suffering from a mental illness. He recognized the black infinity sedan that had been shown on television. The SWAT and bomb disposal units surrounded Miriam’s Stamford home Thursday evening. They claimed that they were waiting for a warrant but the apartment building and all 50 residence were already being evacuated.

Police say Miriam evaded them after they were successful in stopping her car and then drew their firearms when she continued to run, “Very Dangerously and very erratically.” She was unfortunately shot and killed in her car without exiting it, two officers were injured in the event. One from Capitol police and the other from the Secret Service, but both are expected to pull through.

Written By KyAuna Alonzo

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