Capitol Hill Suspect Thought Obama Was Communicating with Her

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Miriam Carey, the alleged suspect in the chase that went on on Capitol Hill, was identified by law enforcement as being a dental hygienist from the state of Connecticut with a history of mental problems. She was believed to be extremely delusional and thought President Obama was communicating with her.

The Stamford, CT resident attempted to smash her car into a barrier near the White House. She then led police officers on a high-speed chase before she was shot and killed close to the Capitol, stated police reports.

The FBI is presently looking into how long the suspect had been in the Washington, DC area and why she had come from her state of residence. She believed President Obama  was trying to communicate with her and that is thought to have been part of the reason she was drawn to Washington.

The Stamford, CT lawyer who represented Carey, said she was not aware of any reason why Carey should have been in the area. She explained about how she had represented the suspect and that Carey had been a nice woman. She also had said they had their children around similar times and they had exchanged pleasent conversations between each other.

The attorney added that she had been Carey’s lawyer when Carey purchased a Stamford condo. She also helped her out when she was in a disagreement over a small amount of cash with a development firm. That had been taken care of in February of this year. That had been the last time she had been in touch with the suspect, she stated.

The traumatic car chase occurred on Thursday, after the suspect hit the barricades, briefly closing Congress chambers where federal lawmakers were discussing how to end the government shutdown. This also caused renewed terror in the city where a gunman, barely two weeks ago, had murdered 12 innocent people.

Law enforcement stated that there did not seem to be any ties to terrorism and there was no suggestion that Carey had ever been armed with a weapon. It is being labeled an isolated matter at this time.

No matter, because the public was still watching nervously as a motorcade of police vehicles went after the black Infiniti, that Carey was allegedly driving. It had Connecticut license plates slapped on it’s back. It was flying on Constitution Avenue right outside the Capitol building and authorities with high-powered weapons covered the entire area going after it.

Both the House and Senate quickly adjourned from their business duties and a speech was stopped in mid-sentence, as the Capitol authorities transmitted a warning message over its emergency radio system. They ordered people to stay where they were and move away from any windows.

Carey’s vehicle was encircled by police cars, yet she managed to get away, traversing around traffic and going past the north end of the Capitol. Video that was shot, showed police aiming firearms at the black car before the woman hit a Secret Service automobile, then went on driving. A Metropolitan police chief later stated that police shot and killed her about a block northeast of the building.

Carey was said to have had no history of any sort of violence or any type of police record. She was believed to have been suffering from post-partum depression and various drugs for different mental illnesses’, such as bipolar disorder, were found at her home. Something was definitely going on with Carey to make her believe President Obama was communicating with her.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

ABC News


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