Captain America 2 Trailer Just Released

Trailer for Captain America 2 released today

The trailer for Marvel’s Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier was just released today, with the American version exclusively on iTunes, but the UK version is watchable below.

Other characters from Marvel’s The Avengers appear alongside Cap, including Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

The trailer also offers the first public footage of Robert Redford, in the film as a high-ranking SHIELD leader named Alexander Pierce, a piece of casting that surprised many, as Redford is known as a patron of independent film via Sundance and has not previously appeared in a superhero movie. Redford’s character looks intriguing and lends the film gravitas, articulating its moral conflict in the trailer, which seems to indicate the film will reflect current controversies about U.S. government intelligence activities. “Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are? Look out the window. You know how the game works. Disorder, war. All it takes is one step,” Redford tells Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (aka Captain America). Many have pointed out

Also, glimpsed in the trailer is the mysterious villain, the Winter Soldier, whose true identity is a mystery to movie fans, but well-known to comics readers. This brainwashed assassin has powers similar to Captain America’s, revelation of the Winter Soldier’s origins is likely to shake Steve Rogers to his core.

With the Captain America 2 trailer just released today, and the Thor 2: The Dark World coming out in early November, Marvel’s well-publicized “Phase 2” of films and related media set in their existing comic book universe is well underway.

Part of the plan behind Marvel’s movie roll-out is to continue introducing fan favorite characters from the comics. In addition to the Winter Soldier, the sequel also brings audiences Sam Wilson, otherwise known as the Falcon, one of Marvel’s first black superheroes and Captain America’s longtime partner in comic book pages. The Falcon uses technology of his own invention to fly and communicate telepathically with birds of prey, and has military training that makes him an able partner for the super soldier. Actor Anthony Mackie portrays the movie version of the Falcon, a fellow SHIELD agent.

The film features Captain America investigating a massive, world-threatening conspiracy, causing him to be targeted by the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and other assassins before he can dig too deep. The trailer showcases big action in the tradition of previous Marvel films, featuring stunts on motorcycles and futuristic aircraft, and of course, a crash of the SHIELD helicarrier itself.

(Though this is the first such event in the film universe, regular Marvel Comics readers will know that crashing helicarriers are practically a tradition in those pages.)

Many have pointed out that the attempt to differentiate the latest spate of Marvel sequels from their predecessors in terms of tone. Writing for Forbes, Scott Mendelson said, “If Iron Man 3 was a 1980′s buddy cop thriller, then Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks to be a 1970′s-style conspiracy theory.” The same article points out the connection provided by Redford, who was the star of Three Days of the Condor, perhaps the most archetypal 70’s conspiracy film.

To judge by the Captain America 2 trailer released just today, the new film does succeed in establishing a different tone.



Written By: Jeremy Forbing



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