Chicago: Father Arrested for Homicide of 4-month-old

 Chicago: Father Arrested for Homicide of 4-month-old

Homicide from the 6000 block of S. Honore

Demographics: Male/ 17


Charges: Murder – First Degree

Court: Branch 66 26th and California 1 Oct. 13

Narrative: On 26 Sep. 13 on the 6000 block of Honore a four month old victim was given a bath and placed in crib for a nap by the grandmother. The mother checked on the victim and discovered the child was unresponsive. The victim was taken to Holy Cross Hospital and pronounced DOA. Victim had signs of possible bruising (old & new) to the chest and temple area. On 27 Sep 2013 the Medical Examiner’s Office found the cause and manner of death to be Multiple Blunt Force Trauma-Child Abuse/ Homicide. On 28 Sep 2013, the victim’s father was arrested and charged with First Degree murder. The offenders name, address and picture have not been released due to his age.

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