Chris Brown Cancels Halloween Show No Treat for Fans

Chris Brown Cancels Halloween Show No Treat for Fans

Chris Brown has cancelled his Halloween show leaving his fans with no treat as a result. After Brown was arrested for misdemeanor assault on Sunday, and his release from jail on Monday, the singer checked himself into rehab. He has acknowledged that anger management is not his forte. Unfortunately, in the process of getting his “focus” back, he has pulled a Halloween “trick” on his fans who were expecting to see him perform at the event.

Things have not been going very well for the singer lately. He received more community service hours earlier this year after a “hit and run” charge and it looks as though his relationship with Karrueche Tran has come to a stormy end. Tran unfollowed Brown on Twitter and he returned the favor, which does seem to signal it is all over between the two. On top of that the model was also supposed to co-host the Halloween costume party but recent posters did not have her name on them.

A source has said that before the incident on Sunday, that ended with Brown’s arrest for assault, the singer was stressed while directing his latest music video. A dancer on the shoot revealed that while working on the Party Time music video, Brown snapped at the crew. The dancer said that Chris “flipped out” and swore at them because he apparently felt they were not listening to his direction.

One of the things that Chris Brown was allegedly obsessed with was making sure that men were not dancing with men in the video. Another example of the singer’s apparent homophobia, a source added that Brown looked like a “zombie” and appeared very unhappy. He apparently spent the entire shoot “pissed off.”

This stressed behaviour by the rapper took place roughly two weeks prior to the incident over the weekend. Chris Brown cancelling his Halloween show because of his self admittance into rehab means that his fans will get no treat from the singer on the night of the holiday.

The Conga Room in Los Angeles was to be the venue for Brown’s Halloween Costume Party. The poster for the event may be missing his former girlfriends name, but upon close inspection, it seems he was to have had Nicki Minaj performing at the party as well. The October 31 cancellation at the Conga Room was not the only venue that Chris Brown axed. He was due to appear at the Haze Club in Las Vegas on November 1. Both clubs have confirmed that their respective shows have been cancelled.

While attendees will now have to find some other party to attend on Halloween Chris Brown will be in a Malibu facility learning to deal with his obvious anger management issues. The rapper’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, delivered his client to the facility personally. Geragos insists that the rehab visit is not an admission of guilt by Brown over the alleged assault last weekend.

Chris Brown has cancelled his Halloween show and left his fans with no treat. The fact that he has given his fans a trick, though, will not hurt the performer too badly. Brown has always been easily forgiven by his followers for his indiscretions. This will, no doubt, not be an exception.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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