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Chris Brown Charge Reduced Despite Violence and Homophobic Attitude

Chris Brown Charge Reduced Despite Homophobic Attitude

Although Chris Brown has been complaining about just how unfair the legal system has been treating him, he got a real break from the same system on Monday. The performer had his assault charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor by the Washington, D.C. court he appeared before and was released under his own recognizance. This was after he had displayed a very violent and homophobic attitude at the Sunday morning altercation.

Witnesses to the short punch up related that Brown had gotten angry when the victim, 20 year-old Parker Adams from Beltsville, Maryland attempted to “photobomb” a picture that Chris was taken of himself and two female fans. Apparently, when Adams tried to get into the picture, Brown said he was not into all that “gay sh*t” and said that he was into boxing instead.

After the comments, the singer allegedly punched Adams in the face and possibly broke his nose. Brown was aided in his “assault” by his bodyguard, 25 year-old Christopher Hollosy. Both men were arrested after the fracas and Brown was initially charged with felony assault, which was reduced to a misdemeanor. If the performer is found guilty, he could spend up to 180 days in jail, and a fine of $1,000.

This homophobic attitude is nothing new. In January this year, Chris Brown got into an altercation with singer Frank Ocean outside the Hollywood Westlake Recording Studios. The two men fought in the parking lot and apparently was sparked off because Brown parked in Ocean’s parking spot. Allegedly, Frank had been saying nasty things about Brown’s personal punching bag, Rihanna. The 24 yaer-old entertainer then allegedly made negative gay remarks about Ocean and said that he was going to shoot the other singers entourage.

Chris Brown’s record is pretty full of physical altercations with others. While he has had his felony charge reduced, in spite of his violent leanings and homophobic attitude, he still could spend a long time in jail if convicted. The grammy winning artist has been pretty lucky thus far, having been fined, given probation, and doing community service instead of doing any jail time. Not that the singer has appreciated all the breaks he has been given.

When Chris Brown was given a further amount of community service after prosecutors in his “hit and run” case maintained that Brown had not completed his previous 1,000 hours satisfactorily, the singer called the judge and the court “vindictive.” Brown went on to complain about community service, calling it a “b*tch.” His other comments about the addition of more hours were too explicit to put into this article.

The singer’s luck, despite what he may believe, is bound to run out. With his proclivity to solve any annoyances with violence, it could be sooner rather than later. With Brown’s record of domestic violence and his apparent homophobic attitude, his time behind bars may not be too pleasant.

Brown has a track record of misogyny that started rather publicly when he punched his girlfriend Rihanna and was convicted of felony assault as a result. Things have been going downhill for the singer since then. There have been a further four incidents where he has either been accused of assaulting other women, or behaving badly toward them.

Rather amazingly, the singer’s appearance at the Washington court house, was turned into a media event. Fans of Brown gathered in front of the building with placards saying that he should be set free and that he was “too cute” to be put in jail. It seems that in spite of his violent actions and homophobic tendencies, he still has a lot of support from his fans.

Chris Brown will be on probation until 2014. Despite having his charge reduced, he could still violate the terms of his probation if he is found guilty. If he is found to have breached his probation he could go to jail for up to four years. In which case his violence and homophobic attitude will not do him any favors.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom