Chupacabra Reappears for Halloween [Video]

"Chupacabra" Reappears For Halloween

The infamous “chupacabra” quite possibly might have reappeared again and just in time for Halloween. A few members of the Mississippi population have caught the hairless creature on film in a lot close to their home.

Jennifer Whitfield and her son were the ones who captured video of the creature in a lot near their house. Her son, who is 11, believes the animal is chupacabra. It turns out he is not alone. After they put the film on the Internet, and uploaded it to YouTube, they started getting all sorts of responses. A lot of them were very fast to call the odd animal a chupacabra.

Whitfield found out her family are not the only individuals around her neighborhood that had seen the weird creature. She stated that if a dog turned into a zombie, it would look like that.

She said that she kept looking up the words “hairless coyote” and she kept finding the term “chupacabra.” Amanda Denton who resides only a couple of streets over from the Whitfield home said that she and her family have been running back and forth to their automobiles because they do not want the chupacabra to catch any of them.

Denton stated that she and her husband Jonathan got a hold of Animal Control which was not able to track down the animal. Jonathan explained that he did not know what it was but that Animal Protection Services could not find it anywhere so maybe it really was the mysterious chupacabra.

Whether the creature really is a chupacabra, who is supposed to kill other types of animals and then suck all their blood, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks has warned residents to keep away from the animal should they meet up with it.

The animal is most likely weak, sick and unable to hunt on its own, so it is going to the closest food source that it finds available, Sgt. Burnette explained to the public.

But regardless of what the peculiar, dog-like animal may be, one thing is definite: It is getting a lot of attention.

The word “chupacabra,” which literally means “goat-sucker” in the Spanish language, came into widespread folklore in the 1990s when sightings began to be reported in Mexico, Puerto Rico and other Central and South American countries.

The legendary creature has also supposedly been seen in various parts of the United States, although most of these sightings actually turned out to be injured or sick animals. There have been sea serpent sightings which have washed ashore and these have naturally drawn lots of attention. However after much investigation, these beachings have turned out to be normal, but unfamiliar animals. A Spanish sea serpent that washed onto land in California back in August turned out to be a giant oarfish.

The Montauk Monster that appeared in 2008 in the Pacific Northwest might have only been a raccoon, but many people are still holding on to the more wild claims about what that animal really was. A lot of individuals believed it to be a decayed corpse of a capybara, even though capybaras do not have tails. Scientists think it really was a raccoon.

But the important news item here is whether the “chupacabra” really has reappeared just in time for Halloween.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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