Curvy Women Want Karl Lagerfeld off Fashion

Curvy Women Want Karl Lagerfeld off Fashion

Curvy women are officially in style. A group of French ladies want to restore their right to be as curvaceous as they are without being judged. They are suing fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, for his rude remarks about overweight women. Beautiful, Rounded, Sexy and feeling proud about it, French women from the pressure group Belle, Ronde, Sexy at je m’assume, which is literally translated as Beautiful, Rounded, Sexy and Fine with It, are ready to battle for their right to feel desirable.

Are they not? Not, according to Creative Director for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, who believes that “nobody wants to see curvy women on the runway.” On the French talk show, Le Grand 8, he also said that fat people are responsible for the health budget deficit in France, saying that country’s tax revenue is wasted for curing the diseases caught by “fat people.”

These offensive remarks, said by the fashion guru, outraged the self-confident French female activists that decided to stand up for the rights of all women with fuller bodies to be the way they are. They sued him for defamation, asking for Lagerfeld to be fined for his discriminatory remarks.

“Today it’s him who insults us and tomorrow who will it be?” President of the group, Betty Aubriere, asked explaining the group’s decision to fight a seasoned fashion celeb. According to her, 500 women sighed the petition objecting Lagerfeld’s views. Most of them are plump young ladies who felt disparaged by what the famous designer said. “There are a lot of young girls who don’t feel comfortable in their skin, and for them to hear comments like that is terrible,” Aubriere said.

Charging Lagerfeld for making such ugly comments is only one of the goals of the French group. The larger objective is to turn public attention to the discrimination full bodied women and men face in their everyday life and, most importantly, to stop school bullying. Children’s self-esteem depends largely on how they are viewed by other people, and cruel remarks made by celebs easily affect a child’s fragile psychology. Betty Aubriere said they get lots of messages from school-age girls who sometimes even drop out of schools just to avoid being bullied because of their figures.

Karl Lagerfeld, the 80-year-old German born designer, had already caused controversy over his remarks about Adele being “a little too fat”, in 2012. Beautiful, talented and famous, Adele answered him by saying that she is like majority of women and feels proud of it.

So now when Belle, Ronde, Sexy at m’assume start their legal actions against Lagerfeld in the court, all curvy women around the world, starting with Adele, can show their solidarity with the cause and stop buying fashion items branded under Lagerfeld’s name.

After all, what is fashion in our everyday life if not the tool to make us feel desirable? If Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t help it, his time is over; he will be out of fashion very soon.  French women are setting the new trend: you should feel desirable even if you are full size.

The nature of human behavior is on their side. People love to look at curvaceous women, says a recent psychological study published in Sex Roles journal. Men favor curvy women to those with fewer curves, according to the latest research conducted in the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Nebraska.

Artists knew about this a long time before the study. Thousands of curvaceous beauties have enriched art museums for hundreds of years. Maybe it is time to look back and feel happy again, even if you are not Karl Lagerfeld’s ideal size?

 By Alsu Salakhutdinov

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