Colorado Girl Snatched from Bedroom Escapes Kidnapper

Girl escapes from potential kidnapper

The original reward that was offered to hunt down the potential kidnapper of an 8-year-old Colorado girl, who was snatched from her bedroom but escaped, in suburban Denver has now doubled to $20,000.

Investigators stated on Tuesday that a car dealership had provided another $10,000 to the reward already in place that is being offered for any information which leads to the arrest and sentencing of the suspected individual.

The attempted snatching occurred just after midnight on Monday. Detectives explained the girl shouted for help and got away from her potential captor just as her father came outside to help her.

Police explain that the investigation is a very active case and that they are following each of the numerous leads they are getting.

They also say her screams may have actually saved her life when the predator grabbed her from her home and took her into an alley early Monday.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates explained at a press conference that they knew that the window screen had been cut  open and the suspect just reached inside and pulled the young girl out.

When the father heard his daughter’s shrieking, the unnamed man ran outside just as he noticed a silver or gray BMW car race into the night. His terrified daughter came running to him, police stated.

Chief Oates said that every person in the Denver area should be aware and on the look-out for the suspect. Above is a police sketch artist’s rending of the potential kidnapper made from details the young girl was able to give. However, the police have not been able to find any suspects and they are asking for help from the public. The potential kidnapper was described as being a white man having blond hair and wearing a black winter jacket. He also smelled like cigarettes but the child was not able to give an age estimate.

This outcome could have been much different if the child had not put up a struggle and made noise. All that ended up drawing her father’s attention instantly to the scene and was definitely a reason for her being able to escape.

She received minor injuries and was instantly treated at a hospital which was close to her home.

Investigators said they detained all possible physical evidence from the scene of the crime. They also searched the area where she lived and rechecked the occurrence with convicted sex offenders that live in Colorado.

The $20,000 reward that is being offered is the biggest reward the department has ever offered for this type of crime.

There is a predator on the loose and he needs to be stopped. He must be caught, Oates added.

Police think the child was picked because she was believed to be alone and she had her light on. They are asking if anyone has any information relating to this incident to please give a call to Detective Christine Hurley at 303-739-6113 or to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.

Oates added that one important component for all parents to learn from this is to teach children to cry out, struggle, and make fuses. That is what this child did and it probably saved her life.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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