Conrad Murray’s Release: Who Will The Jacksons Blame Next? [video]

Your Life Is Your Responsibility

Your Life Is Your ResponsibilityConrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson and received a four year sentence. Now, Murray is getting out of jail two years early because the jail is just too crowded. Murray went to jail, but did he really kill the King of Pop?

The Jackson family believes he did; or do they? They were sure he was the cause of Jackson dying in 2009 but recently went after AEG Live for basically the same reason. It seems everybody is getting blamed for the early demise of Michael Jackson, except the obvious.

Recently Jermaine, who is behind on child support but went out and purchased a new $160,000 Ferrari sports car, went on a public tyrant saying that news of Murray’s early release is crazy. He said it’s the second tough blow the family has dealt with this month.

The Jackson family keeps saying that this is not about the money; and believe it or not, that is partially true. We all know that money is playing a huge part in all of these trials, but I am of the persuasion that more important than money is the blame. Who is going to take the responsibility for the King of Pop’s death?

Michael is gone and the family has played the blame game long enough. It’s time to take those fingers that have pointed outward since June 25, 2009 and turn them towards the mirror. The harsh reality is neither the family, Murray nor AEG Live responsible for Michael’s death. Michael had the problem and didn’t seek the proper help. I actually blame Michael for his death but if the family wants to point the finger at an outside party that party would have to be his family.

His family knew he had a problem for a long time but chose to look the other way. The world knew Michael has some real serious issues and his die-hard fans refused to “believe” it. We all saw it. It was a sad downhill spiral that ended in his life much too soon.

There’s no question that one of the keys to a fulfilled, contented and happy life is to finally make the decision to stop blaming everyone else for our circumstances and the hand we’ve been dealt in this life. Like it or not, and for better or worse, our life is ours and it’s our responsibility to own it. The reality is no one can change anything about our lives except us; we have the power to make any changes we deem necessary. It may not be easy but it definitely falls under our control.

The key is not just about experiencing life but managing it. We are not victims, void of power, being pushed around helplessly in the world like waves in the ocean. We all make the decision every day how we will respond to any given situation, event or person. Grant it, there is undoubtedly a pattern and belief-system that underlines everyone’s behavior; which often causes them respond almost automatically to life, but these can be changed and I’d like to offer some principles that could have helped Michael, but will definitely help you on your journey.

  • Dismiss denial: The first step in managing your life is to recognize that your life is an experience and you have control over that experience. Life doesn’t just flow independent of you it happens in spite of you. Life happens whether you want it to or not. The reality is you have to own your life and all of its experiences; then manage it. Stop blaming outside forces for your circumstances and take responsibility for your own life.
  • Influence is not control: People have difficulty understand this concept of responsibility for their life because they fail to make the distinction between influence and control. Influence, is indirect, but has the potential to impact while control has a direct effect. An experience may have the power to influence or affect your life but it does not have the power to control your life; unless you relinquish it.
  • Cause and Effect: Most people understand cause and effect in the world around them; push the shopping cart and it rolls. But cause and effect don’t translate very well into the emotional world. They made me do it or when they pushed my buttons I reacted isn’t real when it comes to life. When someone says or does something to you, their words don’t have a trigger button hard-wired into your brain which switches on your “I’m upset” lever. You always have the power of choice. Choose wisely.

The good news is just as you cannot control anyone else, they cannot control you. Take that finger that’s been busy pointing at everyone else, and turn it towards yourself; not in guilt, judgment or blame, but for growth and personal development.

No one made Michael Jackson a drug addicted man. He made choices and never owned them. Now his family is carrying on the tradition; they won’t own the choices they made to ignore their son or brother’s issues and have resulted to a life of blame shifting.

Regardless of how the family feels, or anyone else, about Conrad Murray he will be a free man come October 28, 2013. The real truth is we would all do well to let Michael Jackson rest in peace; this is probably the most peace he’s experienced in a very long time.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


5 Responses to "Conrad Murray’s Release: Who Will The Jacksons Blame Next? [video]"

  1. Irina   October 28, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Let’s not forget that drug addiction is a disease! MJ had to take pain pills after he was badly burned on Pepsi commercial. As addict my self, I know how addictive opioids are. If u don’t believe me- try it u self I guarantee u ll be hooked. Disease of addiction is chronic, incurable. It’s not MJ fault! I stopped for my child, he stopped for his. MJ was used & abused by many including his family! They only wanted his $. He was left alone w Murray who ll do anything for $. MJ death was preventable if his family loved him unconditionally. Murray, MJ family, ppl he trusted, media they all guilty of his death! MJ loved his children too much to cause his own death

  2. erie   October 16, 2013 at 7:14 am

    Jackson was very rich and famous man SUPERSTAR who could find enablers anytime. Murray was in financial trouble and had no choice but to comply to Jackson’s demands.

  3. Beverly Osborne   October 15, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Yes I think we are responsible for what we put in our own mouths. Yes I blame Michael for his choice to be a drug addict. I blame doctor for “helping” him be a drug addict.

  4. Jom   October 15, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    If we are going to blame MJ for his death then we need to blame Travon Martin for his death. That is like Travon Martin should have been responsible in not wearing a hoody and walking at night so that gave the ADULT Zimmerman the right to kill him. WHat about Rodney King. He had no business running from the cops and drinking so I guess the cops were right and should not be blame for whipping him. Rodney should have been more responsible and the cops are not at fault for hitting him. Give me a break. THE FACT of the matter, yes, things could have been done better HOWEVER, that does NOT excuse people who do it like COnrad Murray, the LA cops, and George Zimmerman. ALL of these folks have rules to follow. We hold DOCTORS responsible, WE HOLD LAW ENFORCEMENTS responsible, and We hold ADULTS responsible.

  5. Amber   October 15, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Conrad Murray should have served more time. He was the doctor who did the injections. Conrad Murray is the blame. if he was following medical laws and rules, MJ would be alive. I do not care what other doctors gave MJ or what MJ asked for (MJ had a real medical problem with sleep), it was what Conrad Murray did that killed MJ just like George Zimmerman killing Travon Martin.


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