Coordinated Car Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens of People Across Iraq

Coordinated car bomb attacks kill dozens of people across Iraq

According to the Associated Press, a wave of coordinated car bomb attacks have struck Shiite-occupied areas of Baghdad, whilst a suicide bomber is reported to have targeted a group of soldiers in the northern city Mosul.

Insurgents triggered a fresh wave of car bombs on Sunday, Oct. 27, mortally wounding at least 56 innocent people throughout Iraq. Although al-Qaida officials are typically very quick to claim responsibility for such acts of terror, the organization is yet to declare any affiliation with Sunday’s bloodshed.

Police officials claim the bombs to have been detonated within parked vehicles, with damage coordinated against parking lots and bustling commercial regions.

The greatest blast was witnessed in the southeastern Nahrwan district of the country. Seven people were killed, and 15 others seriously injured, following the detonation of two explosive devices, which had been triggered concomitantly.

Additional blasts were seen in the neighborhoods of Shaab, Abu Dshir, Mashtal, Baladiyat and Ur, as well as the districts of Bayaa, Sab al-Bor and Hurriyah.

In the northern city of Mosul, a suicide bomber sped towards a street barricade, erected by soldiers to prevent access to a nearby bank, where troops were receiving their salaries. The suicide bombing is reported to have killed 14 individuals, including five civilians, and has wounded around 30 others.

These systematic waves of attacks are often exercised by al-Qaida’s local branch, in an attempt to destabilize the region and challenge the population’s confidence in the government.

Meanwhile, cleanup operations are already underway, with cranes removing charred cars, and street cleaners sweeping away the rubble and debris from the war-ravaged areas.

By: James Fenner

Associated Press

BBC News

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