David and Victoria Beckham’s $72m Bid for New Home

David and Victoria Beckham’s $72m Bid for New Home

David and Victoria Beckham have just sold their $19 million dollar, 17-acre Georgian-style country estate, Beckingham Palace, along with a fleet of sports cars and Jaguars, in order to pool money together and bid for an even more expensive ‘mansion’ in west London, which will fetch around $72 million.

The Beckhams have decided to let go of their Hertfordshire country home so that they can make a new start by taking up residence nearer to where their children, Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11 and Cruz, eight attend school in leafy and extremely pricey west London.  The Beckham Boys’ little two-year old sibling, Harper, is likely to follow her big brothers on to a local nursery school of her own very soon.

David and Victoria Beckham will be in good company, it seems, since Jay-Z and Beyoncé have reportedly bought a home in west London’s exclusive Holland Park, and where a multitude of other Hollywood celebrities tend to spend their time while filming.  Some love it so much that they end up buying a home there.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have all recently spent time over the past year, living on the west side during filming, while other stars such as Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Kevin Spacey actually took the plunge and took up residence, either while being married to a Brit, or through personal choice.

So what is the pull that attracts such high caliber celebrity status to these parts of London?  Could it be the leafy parks, afternoon tea, double decker buses, black cabs and red telephone boxes? Or could it be perhaps the low-key lifestyle, where most people leave them alone so they can get on with their day? Whatever it is, there is certainly something to be said for cosmopolitan London life, which has a lot to offer in the way of its cultural diversity, nightlife, central, west and east London bars and culinary delights, theaters and museums, as well as the mix of old and new buildings in the City.

A source from The Sun newspaper reportedly said that David Beckham will be particularly sad to let go of the family home that holds so many happy memories, as it is the house that the children were all brought up in, as well as where the Beckhams held their wedding reception.  The sale of the house, which has already made a $15.2 million profit from when the Beckhams first purchased Beckingham Palace in 1999 for a humble $4 million, will include a few of the former Premier League footballer’s cars; his favorite Ferrari, two Jaguars and the Beckham’s $4,167,020 French holiday home as they no longer appear to be needed.

David and Victoria Beckham’s $72m Bid for New Home
Sold: The Beckham’s country pad dubbed Beckingham Palace

Since the Beckham’s return to the UK from Los Angeles, the family has been staying at Beckingham Palace, where they are likely to spend their final Christmas together, and as plans for their new ‘mansion’ are underway.  While the new home has been referred to as a ‘mansion,’ one might actually be hard pressed to find a literal mansion in the true sense of the word in the west London area, since the British government, which has introduced what is now known as The Mansion Tax, would now refer to houses that reach a certain price bracket, rather than the image of a rambling mansion with hundreds of bedrooms, inhabited by eccentric millionaires, so often depicted in period dramas.

The Beckham’s are planning for their new $72 million dollar, four-storey west London pad to be decorated by top British interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, with a further enlisting of top celebrity chef and friend, Gordon Ramsey to design their new kitchen.  Victoria must be clicking her heels.  She has always wanted to have a home in London, and while she eventually towed the line and played the dutiful wife, her ex-footballer hubby has certainly not let her down.  While David Beckham is retired from football, he can now turn his attention to other interests, such as his children, as well as his new venture with his buddy Ramsey, in a new restaurant that has been set up, named Union Café, in Borough, south London.

During the Beckham Boys’ school semesters, the former Spice Girl-turned-designer and former footballer-turned-restaurateur will reside in their new home, but travel back to their $17 million dollar Beverly Hills home for the summer sunshine during the boys’ school holidays.  Clearly, California is still a place that is close to the Beckhams’ hearts and it is easy to see why, when one has the means as well as the connections.

One might also wonder what will happen when the Beckhams come to move out of their London ‘mansion’ for yet another home.  Beckingham Palace has since been purchased by a very excited couple at what could still be considered an affordable price to some, considering what other goodies have been thrown into the sale.  When David and Victoria Beckham’s new $72 million west London mansion reaches its ceiling in the property market, they will find an extremely limited and exclusive few who would be able to afford it.  David and Victoria, welcome to west London!

Written by: Brucella Newman


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