Days Numbered for Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay

Greg Schiano's days as coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are numbered.
Greg Schiano’s days as coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are numbered.

The term hot seat no longer applies for Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay. The second year Buccaneers head coach has stumbled out of the gate, and his team currently has an 0-7 record so far in 2013. Schiano has mishandled several situations already in his brief tenure, and made clear that he will continue to beat to his own drum as long as he is coach.

And that is precisely why his days are numbered in Tampa Bay. The writing is on the wall, Greg Schiano will not be the coach of the Buccaneers when they begin the rebuilding process all over again in 2014.

As hard as it has been to watch the Buccaneers this season, it is not going to change as long as Schiano’s reign continues. His two year tenure has been plagued by his making headlines for the wrong reasons.

It began in 2012 when the media and opposition placed him under fire for how he handled a basic kneel down. Instead of taking the loss with class like all of the other 31 NFL head coaches, and almost every other football coach from Pop Warner to the collegiate ranks, Schiano opted instead to have his Buccaneers charge the line at full speed. He claimed it was an effort to cause a fumble and put his offense on the field. It did not work.

Rather than admitting the move was a mistake, Schiano claimed that before he was in Tampa Bay he used the kneel down charge to come back and win a game while coaching college ball. Research later proved this claim to be false.

Entering 2013, the Buccaneers were not supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, but they did have some talent to at least compete. A rising star quarterback in Josh Freeman and an ultra talented running back in Doug Martin. Add in a young and spirited defense bolstered by Darrelle Revis and Tampa Bay should have been somewhere around .500 at a minimum.

But Greg Schiano worked his magic, and the Buccaneers now approach the halfway point of their season without any marks in the win column. They also have parted ways with their rising star 25 year old former first round draft pick quarterback, opting rather to start third round draft pick Mike Glennon. Doug Martin is also hurt and another rookie, Mike James, is starting at tailback.

During Thursday night’s loss to Carolina, Buccaneers fans were seen with donning paper bags and holding signs calling for Schiano’s head. Attendance also appeared to be down on the night, with many empty seats visible throughout the game.

Despite this, Greg Schiano says that he remains focused on building a winner and that the locker room has his back. “Have I lost the locker room? No. Are they listening? Yes. Are we getting everything we need out of them? Well, obviously not because we’re 0-7,” Schiano said after losing on Thursday.

But then Revis called into question whether or not the locker room still is buying into the Schiano scheme. “I don’t know. I don’t know. You know, we got a game plan every week. We gotta stick to the game plan. We gotta abide by the game plan and what we’re trying to do to win. I don’t think guys are literally going out there and trying to do their own thing,” he said after the latest loss.

If the locker room is turning, and fans are already determined to see a new face at coach, the days are numbered for Greg Schiano. It would take a miracle for him to retain his job heading into 2014. Making headlines for the wrong reasons paired with a drought of wins is a recipe for a changing of the guard. At least the new coach will have a top five draft pick to help get him off on the right foot.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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