Dietary Supplements: You Are What You Eat

dietary supplementsAs the rat race continues, workers are implored to use a lead foot to speed through the drive-thru and gobble down a cheap imitation of a meal on their short lunch break.  With parties, holidays and granny’s table full of comfort food, people are being shortchanged and eluded about real nutrition.  Forget the empty calories and bulging bellies, disease and reliance on energy from various sources seems to be the norm.  Good nutritious food and dietary supplements define your body, as you are what you eat.

The human body was designed to be a functioning machine capable of doing impossible feats of strength and endurance.  A good working machine needs to be taken care of and pumped full of the correct fuel for optimal productivity.  An array of wonderful food choices can be easily attained for the one who wishes to have a long, healthy life.  The aches and pains we experience more often as we age, should not be blamed on what year we graduated from high school.  It’s an easy deduction to answer our own questions when we don’t feel well.  Just ask yourself, “What have I been eating?”

Aside from food allergies and other medical conditions our problems do not have to linger forever.  Time to get back to basics and re-enter on the ground floor.  The ground floor is the mineral rich soil that provides our luscious plants with life.  Along with the much needed water and sunshine, plants thrive and grow in order to give life to those who partake.  There are major and minor minerals, but the key to life they provide is often music people do not hear.  Minerals can easily be found in both plants and protein foods.

A penny for your thoughts!  Have you ever found a random penny on the sidewalk?  It really could bring you good fortune in your life if  you use your pennies wisely to invest in the stuff below your taste buds.  Like a penny, copper seems so trivial, but it boasts the title of a potent healer and immune booster.  It is best friends with zinc, iron, selenium and several other outstanding, often overlooked players in our diet.  Easily found in seafood, nuts, eggs and a dash of salt, these minerals provide better metabolism and keep our fine machines running the way they should.  The list goes on to include fluoride, iodine, manganese, chromium and molybdenum.  The latter two are present in popular snacks you enjoy at the circus and ballgame.  Nuts to you!

There is more than enough good food to choose from, so why have a greasy burger full of preservatives and a bag of fries while you wait to get your car tuned up?  Why is your car more important and better taken care of than your own body?  If you think about it, we have built-in transportation devices. They’re called legs!  The impact of performance of these minor minerals is significant to the point where you can use them sparingly, but they are not to be forgotten.

Your body suffers from no food, but suffers even more with the intake of poor food.  We become cranky, stressed and tired, not to mention out of shape and lethargic.  But the human body is as resilient as the human spirit.  Miraculously, we are able to recover from trauma and dire conditions we put it through.  Major minerals have gained more popularity and seem to be more familiar.  Everyone would win at this Jeopardy! question:  “In what fruit would you find potassium?”  If you do not know, you need to go eat one!

Dairy products are tasty, good for you and check off half the list of major minerals you need on a daily basis.  Calcium and phosphorus are premium components of our diets, if we want to keep on dancing!  No bones about it!  Throw in a huge salad with olives, tomatoes and celery and you’ve pretty much taken care of the daily requirements by including magnesium, chloride and sulfur.  Before long our abs of steel and are hearts of gold will be singing after supper!

A treat now and then is fine, and even more if you’re well-behaved and get straight A’s in your classes!  This is not a diet!  It’s simply some food for thought. You can eat whatever you want, but your clock is ticking and we only get one life.  Minerals matter as much as the other thing you need — Vitamins!  You are what you eat, so happy eating and remember to take care of you!


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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