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"The Governor's Wife" a new sensational reality series.

The new reality show

A new reality television show that allows the audience a peep into the life of Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina Scott, titled The Governor’s Wife is to hit the television screens all over America today. Edwin Edwards now 86-years-old served as the governor of the state of Louisiana for four terms. He married Trina in July 2011.

The 86-year-old Edwin Edwards married Trina Scott Grimes, 35, after he was released from prison after serving an eight year long term for bribery and a host of other charges. He met Trina when serving his sentence. Now they have a son named Eli who was born last August, and is the youngest member of the cast in the reality series.

Edwards was quite clear in his press release regarding the reality show, that it has nothing to do with his shady political life; The Governor’s Wife is , according to him, a domestic show, showing his 24/7 interaction with the other family members.

Trina is confident that The Governor’s Wife will prove to be a great show and will go a long way in dismissing the controversy that she married Edwards for his money. Trina is also happy about the fact that the reality drama will  show-case how they actually live and dismiss the other controversy haunting them that they have an extravagant life-style.

The other members of the cast of The Governor’s Wife are Trina’s two young sons from an early marriage, Logan who is 15 years old and Trevor, who is 13. Both the teenagers are upbeat about their roles in the family saga, and especially about their interaction with the step sisters, Anna and Victoria.

Trina, on her part, added that despite the age difference, she and Edwards  have a healthy and strong relationship. Plus, she has no problems with Edwards’ daughter, nor do they have any complaints about her, though, it is really funny that both Anna and Victoria are much , in fact, much much older than their step mom.

Anna is 62 years of age while Victoria is 60. Anna, an outspoken person admitted to the press that she was not happy about her father getting married at this old age. She did not mince any words when she told the press that her father dotes on Eli and this arouses feelings of jealousy in her and her sister, especially as they missed their father, a lot, when they were growing up as he was always on some political errand or another. She was also not happy about the fact that now with the birth of Eli, they would have to share the inheritance with him. Anna, though, is happy about the fact that through this reality series, she and Victoria, have at long last got their chance to spend some quality time with their father which they craved for when they were young.

The Governor’s Wife, with its portrayal of a crazy and somewhat dysfunctional American family is sure to be full of humor and some tension in the family life, as this sneak preview promises. The producers of the reality show are all praise for Edwards and Trina and wish them , as well as The Governor’s Wife all the best.

Written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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