Einstein Was a Good Puzzler

Albert EinsteinThe name of Einstein has held true to its origin and mystique throughout the years.  Many a pet name and business have followed the path of the fathom-themed scientist from years gone by.  He created a legend, a myth and a knowledge within the scientific circles of awe.  He was a wonder in his right mind and a scholar that stimulated thoughts in the deep, pondering crevices of thinking  brains.  Albert Einstein was a good puzzler, but left enough clues to solve mysteries from kingdom come.

Einstein, dubbed as intelligent from the start, only went on to prove to the universe that he had more knowledge and power than most men dreamed of.  He nurtured the gift inside his head and shared its strength from his own conclusions in science and thinking, but his world would need to catch up!  He formed his own way of thinking and beckoned his followers to join in.

This awkward and inexperienced genius had somehow enlightened the world with his ideas.  He had taken the public by storm with a few mere thoughts he was driven to share.  He was not out to change the course of life, he simply wanted a change of pace.  Einstein’s unique style of delivery has enhanced businesses and has produced epic thoughts in men that ponder their own.

Young Einstein was a child of intrigue, advanced beyond his natural age as he moved quickly upon his new ideas.  Coming from hearty German stock, the lad stunned his parents and community with his forthright thinking.  Einstein was a good puzzler, a hard one to figure out,  but proved his theories in space and time.  He lacked the usual emotions and communication with his lovers was not a winning combination.  He was too advanced for a normal life which caused him to jump from girlfriend to girlfriend in search of stability and love.

Einstein’s intellect gave him power to advance his own thinking but at the same time it caused him to be a stationary soul in the movement of life.  He outsmarted himself and missed out on the simple pleasures most men take for granted.  He was controlled by his own knowledge and never ending brain waves.  The specialist in physics had no dimension in his own space and time.  The constant activity within his head was more of a hindrance than a help at times as he possessed a power he could not control.

The wizard of science gave the world new insights into the realm of possibilities, but he was lost in the tailspin of his own thoughts.  Albert Einstein was a genius, too smart for his own good and way beyond his years.  He bestowed upon the world his theories, but was lost in the cyclone of his mind.  Rest did not come easily as he studied the movement of molecules.  He basically studied the actions of his own mind and stood out in the crowd all alone.  The honored scientist contributed to society, but was a loner in the social circle of life.  Einstein was a good puzzler, solving many mysteries of life but never quite knowing a life for himself.



Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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