Ellen Page Shower Scene Lands Sony and Quantic Dream in Hot Water [Video]

Ellen Page Shower Scene, Sony and Quantic Dream

Screenshots of a nude Ellen Page likeness were leaked earlier this month which called for Sony to attempt damage control. The screenshots and videos were of Ellen Page’s rendered image in what was supposed to be a tasteful shower scene, which has unfortunately landed Sony and Quantic Dream in hot water.

The video game to which Page has lent her likeness is Beyond: Two Souls. Though Page is not a gamer, she jumped at the chance to work with Sony and Quantic Dream as she is partial to taking creative risks. Page describes video game work as a “Crazy acting boot camp.” Unfortunately for her, much of the drama expected on a movie set is not exempt from the gaming industry.

The manipulated shower scene, which Sony and Quantic Dream are currently trying to remove, has garnered much attention from all sides of the industry, landing Page on the gaming map and has most likely given the game more notoriety. Some observers have hinted that this is a mere stunt. GTA V has mesmerized gamers worldwide, making it hard for newly launched games to gain a following. One could even say that if all else fails, get naked. However, in all fairness, Page is a respectable actress who would most likely never be a part of such a stunt.

The following is a video created via software development kit (SDK), which is a special version of hardware used to, among other things, create or manipulate scenes. In the infamous shower scene, the camera was pulled back to allow full view of Page’s nude body while she is taking a shower:

EDITORS NOTE: Video Removed

Sony is in the midst of controlling all nude likenesses of Page, which of course, will be a challenge since the internet is a vast highway. Rumors of an incoming lawsuit are circulating, which might have been the fire lit under Sony.

One by one, gaming news sources have noted Sony’s request to remove Page’s nude images from their websites.  However, it is also noted that this is not the first time Quantic Dream has showcased full nudity in their games, but because Sony and Quantic Dream have landed in hot water over Ellen Page’s seemingly innocent shower scene, a mad scramble to make her happy may be needed to keep them out of court.

In the world of video games, it is not hard to figure that, with the easy manipulation of a celebrity likeness by way of any given software development kit, manipulating nudity or whatever vulgar image will always be the one mischievous feat waiting to be achieved. Perhaps this is to be expected, and if so, the question of liability will be under fire.

Quantic Dream and Sony are not the culprits of the leakage but they are guilty of showcasing Ellen Page’s pointless shower scene, which should land them in their own hot water. Such an issue should also be an impetus to do away with the egregiously nude fillers in most movies and video games. Nudity is expected in a certain context of several games and movies, but in scenes where it is meaningless, it is just creepy.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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6 Responses to "Ellen Page Shower Scene Lands Sony and Quantic Dream in Hot Water [Video]"

  1. homeslicez   February 5, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    When does the word “nudity” include “not showing actual breasts/vulva/penis”?? By the definition of “nudity” the author is using, a shot of a naked knee would be nudity. Since there’s not clothing covering it. WTF.

  2. whoknows   November 10, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Because nudity is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much worse than the violence in video games nowadays. This is coming from someone who likes violence.

  3. jswayne1   November 5, 2013 at 10:27 am

    I’m not entirely certain I understand the problem here. We see her in the shower, then getting dressed…but I didn’t see anything that would have been outre, even if they had shown her entire body, which they did not. What makes this scene “meaningless?” The steam from the shower shows the words her stalker wrote on her mirror. There would have to have BEEN a shower for that happen, because cleaning the shower wouldn’t have the same psychological impact when she sees the words otherwise. It adds a nice degree of tension and an obvious vulnerability on Jodie’s part and, in my opinion, was very tastefully done. If anything, I would argue that the logic of what happened afterward, when she was reclining on the bed, is completely out of sync with what she just found on the bathroom mirror. This is the only sore point or sour note in the scene as best I can tell.
    It seems to me that if Ellen Page is unhappy with the way her likeness was used, that is entirely her right. After all, it is her body. However, even after conceding that point, I cannot pretend to understand what the motive behind this article was. As a call for elimination of gratuitous nudity, there would first have to be actual nudity which could be considered gratuitous to consider. This is not in play here, as the parts which are generally exposed in “nudity” are covered, concealed, or simply not shown in this case. As a bit of controversial reportage, this article is marginally successful. As far as explaining what the thesis or key argument of the article is in a relevant manner, it falls apart utterly.

  4. Devon Gagnon   October 23, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    “Such an issue should also be an impetus to do away with the egregiously nude fillers in most movies and video games.”

    Awww….your very naive outlook is very cute. Unfortunately, until sex stops selling products, it will never be pointless.

  5. Dennis Porter   October 23, 2013 at 3:54 am

    This scene isn’t gratuitous. Jodie is preparing for a dinner with her love interest. She’s trying to ensure everything is perfect, including herself. The extended scene also shows her cooking dinner and tidying up her apartment. She’s lonely, and she’s hoping she and her love interest will connect, and yes, that means sexually too. But she isn’t masturbating here–she’s taking a shower, and it’s in context. Check your facts first.

  6. Shea   October 23, 2013 at 3:25 am

    They did this in heavy rain with Ethan, So whats the big deal here? They don’t even show anything! Its just a shower scene, not a sex scene you can actually watch, Calm down and enjoy the game!

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