Entourage The Movie Will Be a Box Office Success

Jeremy Piven in Entourage Entourage

Entourage, The Movie will be a box office success.  The new movie will make fans happy and the cast even happier.  Warner Brothers finally confirmed that a feature film will be shot this coming January and the troupe will all be there.  The eight season TV series ended in September 2011 after capturing 25 Primetime Emmys and 14 Golden Globe Awards.  It was steered through colorful story lines that were loosely based on experiences in Hollywood that were the life of Executive Producer, Mark Whalberg.

The reason for the delay in the making of the feature film has been widely reported; star salaries.  Finally it has been negotiated and the lead stars are estimated to earn $1 million each.  When the show launched the only cast member who had brand appeal was the crass and confident con artist, talent agent Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven.  In order to get Piven’s commitment, a salary was negotiated that was higher than for the other actors.  Reports support numbers of $350,000 per episode for Piven as opposed to $200,000 per TV episode for the other actors.

Piven’s net worth is now estimated at $15 million but his wealth is estimated to match the lesser known but equally charismatic Adrian Grenier and the vulnerable but determined Kevin Connolly.  They appear to have accrued approximately the same amount.  Entourage was successful in making the stars very wealthy, far beyond any reasonable expectation.  The raw femininity of lead female actress Emmanuelle Chiqrui took her value to the highest point ever and created a net worth of $9 million.  By all accounts the show was a success and the actors continue to earn residuals and dollars at a level that exceeds any ordinary person’s expectations. Entourage, The Movie is launching with these successful genes and box office success is very likely.

As it happens there is more that connects the cast than wealth.  The actors involved were soulful and vulnerable before launching into the series that presented this crazy and yet realistic picture of the life of Hollywood film stars.  This is the world where careers are made and hearts are broken, and Chiqrui and Grenier could both connect to this truth because they both lost a parent and grieved that loss.

Grenier’s father was AWOL until Grenier took the dramatic step of making a documentary about his search for his father and finally made a connection.  Chiqrui lost her mother to colon cancer at the age of sixteen.  These hard experiences gave the actors a strong connection to the spiritual side of life.  Grenier is now a successful musician as well as actor and he connects to his Native American heritage.  Chiqrui learned her spiritual potential from her Moroccan Jewish mother.  She explained to Vegas Magazine, “She was a very spiritual woman, not religious as much as spiritual. She did Reiki and visualization and introduced me to this whole New Age world that is such an integral part of my life.”

This soulful nature of the cast is what drew viewers who insisted on adoration alongside criticism.  Still, if the movie script captures the exuberance and vulnerability of the earlier episodes the box office will replicate other movies that explore the world of camaraderie from the eyes of simple, honest people blessed with super successful careers and perfect bodies, hair and wardrobe.  Sex and The City is a perfect comparison. Although criticism was rife, the movie went on to accrue a world box office in excess of $400 million.  Criticism for Entourage, The Movie is also alive and well and the box office numbers will be a dramatic success.

By: Vicky Judah

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