Facebook: Beheading Videos No Longer Banned but These 5 Pictures Are

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In the world of backwards news, Facebook is now permitting users to share graphic beheading videos as a source of education. This article is not here to speak about the outrage of reversing the ban on these videos but the nonsensical realization of what is banned on Facebook. The largest social media giant expressed that sharing any beheading videos for celebration or encouragement would earn that person a ban from the site. Consider the implications of this rather ridiculous admission from Facebook. In previous times, Facebook has come under fire from its extensive user list for items that have not been allowed. This calls to mind a list of 5 items Facebook has banned, further casting a shadow on what the social platform allows.

Number 1: Effin Gets Banned from Facebook

In 2011, a small Irish town wanted to get placed on the social media map. They visited the largest social media platform and started a page. Facebook banned the page and the town from Facebook, claiming they tried to circumvent the profanity filter for page names. Oh, Facebook – stop being so effin silly!

A small town undergoes a Facebook ban due to the name of their...town!
A small town undergoes a Facebook ban due to the name of their…town!

 Number 2: Bagel Belly Unfit for Facebook and Banned

Trying to bring a dose of humor into the staid world of Facebook? Keep it behind closed doors, because Facebook will slam the photo down calling it a violation. This humorous soul thought it funny to create an impression of a bagel from his belly. For some reason Facebook was highly offended for others who may have reported it. Do not worry kids! Beheading videos showing how horrid the act is will be approved, but no humor is allowed! Bagel belly joins the list of the top 5 pictures banned from Facebook.

Facebook: Beheading Videos No Longer Banned but These 5 Pictures Are

 Number 3: Cancer Survivors Fight Back to Reverse Ban on Mastectomy Photos

The SCAR Project depicted a series of beautiful photos of survivors of breast cancer. These survivors underwent single or double mastectomy and photographer David Jay highlighted them on The SCAR Facebook page. Needless to say, in 2012 Facebook took down the page and banned Jay for 30 days- calling it breast nudity. The cruel labeling worked up social activists who turned to the Change petition site. This past summer Facebook lifted the ban and allowed cancer survivors to connect and inspire the world.

Cancer survivors fight to restore photo rights.
Cancer survivors fight to restore photo rights.

 Number 4: Say No to GMO Mom and Kids Photo Get Banned

Andrea Lalama went to her Facebook page earlier this year and received a nasty surprise. Facebook censored Lalama’s account and why? The social media giant slapped the word abusive above the image she shared. Lalama is a mother to her autistic sons and is an advocate against GMO. Her son holding the anti-GMO sign was just too much for someone to bear and too much for Facebook. Lalama remains in good spirits, the move boosted the anti-GMO movement and raised awareness of autism.

Say no to GMO? Facebook will call label it abusive.
Say no to GMO? Facebook will label it abusive.

Number 5: Celebrity Hugs Bear, Fan Posts on Facebook- Picture Gets Banned

A Kylie Minogue fan wanted to share the super cute picture of one of her favorite singers. During a concert show, Minogue was given a giant teddy bear from an adoring fan and she grasped the monstrous bear with both hands. Facebook did not approve of the photo, as Minogue’s handling of the bear was just way too obscene for social media. Facebook issued a ban on the picture and sent a notice to the user citing, “We do not allow photos that contain nudity, drug use or violence.” Or bear hugs for that matter.

The way a celebrity holds a bear can force Facebook to censor it.
The way a celebrity holds a bear given as a gift can force Facebook to censor it.


There it is! Facebook has lifted the ban off beheading videos, citing educational purposes to share the information. Yet, hundreds if not thousands of individuals receive notices from the social media giant advising their photo was inappropriate. These listed 5 pictures relays the troubling decision from Facebook. Certainly, if one can handle a beheading video for “condemnation” purposes, a mom should be able to share with the world her stance on GMO.


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