Kim Kardashian Enhanced Booty Rates Enhanced 15 Carat Ring

Kim Kardashian Enhanced Booty Rates Enhanced 15 Carat Ring

Kim Kardashian Enhanced Booty Rates Enhanced 15 Carat Ring
There is an old saying that goes, “you get what you pay for.” In Kim Kardashian’s case, she got what her first husband paid for. Apparently, it was his money that paid for Kim’s enhanced booty and breast size. And her “enhancement” rated an “enhanced” 15 carat diamond ring worth $1.2 million.

Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian on the reality TV star’s birthday on Monday. In typical Kanye fashion, the proposal was grandiose, just like the singer’s demeanor. He rented the 42,000 baseball stadium that is home to the San Francisco Giants; hired a 50 piece orchestra; laid on fireworks after Kim said yes; and used the stadium’s giant screen to help him pop the question.

All in all, a very impressive act. Kim Kardashian was overwhelmed enough to say yes and once she did, various family members came pouring out of the stadium’s dugouts to congratulate the couple. Sister Khloe tweeted that she was in tears of joy at sister Kim’s huge engagement ring and that she must be dreaming.

This will be, presumably, the third engagement ring that Kardashian has been given. Kim will be on marriage number three when she and Kanye eventually walk down the aisle. She was only just divorced from husband number two, Kris Humphries, days before she gave birth to baby North.

Kim’s first marriage to Damon Thomas, also ended in divorce and her former spouse said that his “blushing” bride was determined to lead a celebrity style life. Thomas was the one who let the “fat” out of the bag when he revealed that Kim had excess poundage removed from her thighs and placed in her buttocks and boobs to enhance their size. Husband number one said that she was “all about that life.” It was worth it presumably, as her enhanced booty obviously rates an “enhanced” 15 carat diamond or emerald ring that, according to experts, could be worth as much as $5 million.

Only recently Kim Kardashian took an Instagram photo of her new “svelte” figure after being on the Atkin’s diet to shed all those “baby pounds.” The reality television celebrity got a lot of flak for the picture which showed too much butt and almost one side of her left boob. Critics were quick to point out that rather than take saucy pictures of herself in a swimsuit at least two sizes too small, she should be taking pictures of her new baby.

Kanye professed excitement over the picture, that sources have said he helped to pick out for posting on Twitter, by tweeting that he was on his way home. On Sunday, West cancelled his Sunday night performance at Vancouver citing a stolen truck as the reason for pulling out. He postponed the concert till Halloween and decided instead to do two additional performances in LA’s Staples Center.

Apparently his close proximity to the mother of his child, Kim Kardashian, put him in a wildly romantic mood and he set up the elaborate proposal site in the baseball stadium. Despite the fact that Kanye has been telling close friends that he is in no hurry to actually marry Kim, he still felt the urge to propose.

Presumably, the enhanced booty that Damon Thomas paid for, as well as Kim Kardashian’s boob job, helped baby North’s mom to get that “enhanced” 15 carat rock. Whether the actual price tag is $1.2 or $5 million is beside the point. The actual lesson to be learned here is that “real” women do not get massive diamond, or emerald, rings, but enhanced women do. Kardashian sisters take note, the price of a huge rock is not just a boob job, it requires a butt boost as well.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom