Kanye West Real Reason He Blew off Vancouver Concert

Kanye West No Hurry to Marry but Quick to Propose

Kanye West No Hurry to Marry but Quick to Propose

While the news earlier in the month had been all about Kanye West’s proclamation that he was in no hurry to marry his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, mother of his daughter North, he was quick enough to propose. In move that smacks of hypocrisy, West pulled out all the stops to “pop the question.” It also appears that this is the real reason he blew off the Vancouver concert on Sunday.

The 36 year-old rapper rented the 42,000 seat baseball stadium AT&T park, home to the San Francisco Giants, and used the stadium’s giant screen to propose to Kim. As the marry me sign flashed on the screen, a 50 piece orchestra played Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, and Knock you down by Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo, a song which also featured the talent of West himself.

With all that back up, West had no problem getting down on one knee and putting a 15 carat ring, costing a cool $1.2 million, on Kim’s ring finger. The ring, was designed by American jeweller extraordinaire Lorraine Schwartz.

After Kim answered in the affirmative, close family members emerged from the dugouts and fireworks were set off. All of which sounds wildly romantic until remembering that not that long ago, as in a few days, Kanye was telling all and sundry that he was in no hurry to tie the knot with Kardashian. In fact, the Yeezus singer stated that he preferred having a “modern relationship” with the 33 year-old reality television star which meant that they would never get married.

This apparent reversal could be the real reason that West cancelled his Vancouver, Canada concert. The news about the late finish and the “stolen” truck were so much smoke and mirrors. Especially when the singer decided to do two back-to-back performances at the LA Staples Center instead of honoring his commitment in Canada. It is a lot easier to get to San Francisco from Los Angeles than from Vancouver. Add to the equation Kanye’s presentation earlier in the evening and you have all signs pointing to the conclusion that it was easier to postpone Vancouver than to orchestrate his “special” day. Although the reason for the proposal is a little murky.

Obviously, Kanye has to make up for his un-romantic vision of his and Kim’s relationship. So now West has gone all “Mr Darcy” over Kim, albeit with a bit better delivery than Jane Austen’s romantic lead, and his celebrity sweetheart and mother of his child has said yes. It is incredibly ironic that West with his constant denial of celebrity status has gone that extra step to propose to someone whose entire family is obsessed with celebrity.

It could be down to that tiny white swimsuit Instagram shot that Kim, and Kanye, picked to post on the internet where the reality TV star showed way too much of her nether region and stopped just short of showing the entire side of her boob. Perhaps, though, it has more to do with a very expensive sort of damage control.

What is $1.2 million for a 15 carat rock and the price of the entire San Francisco Giants home stadium and an orchestra when your nearest and dearest has heard you dissing the idea of marriage? Apparently nothing much to worry about at all when calming down the woman who could drop you like a hot rock and cancelling tons of great “free” publicity.

Was this the real reason that West cancelled his Vancouver, Canada concert? No one was really buying the “stolen truck full of equipment” story anyway and there were whispers that it was really Kim who was behind the cancellation. While wags were guessing that Kardashian had caused some sort of incident that needed West’s intervention, it does not take much more imagination to believe that the “incident” was Kim’s hearing about the modern relationship news.

Kanye West not being in hurry to marry must have been a surprise to Kim. Just as much ashis quick move to propose. Of course with the fast proposal comes a incredibly expensive engagement ring and more attention getting publicity. When your only celebrity status comes from being a celebrity, saying no is like looking a gift horse in the mouth. One word of warning, though, Kim a ring does not a wedding make. Engagements can last a very long time. At least the rest of us now know the real reason that Ye blew off the Vancouver concert.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom