Facebook: Is It True Love?

The app you hate to love.

Facebook: Is it True Love?

Ah, Facebook, that household word thrown around, as common as toilet paper. The fact that what started almost ten years ago as a way to stay in touch with fellow university students has spread worldwide where everyone from your grandma to your pet cat can have a personal profile set up to share with one and all. The social media has grown to the point where one can message on your smart phone, selling merchandise, to promoting charities and local businesses. Growing so fast it blew its meager competitor Google+ out of the water before it could really take off. Over the years the features applied to the social media site have been extremely convenient and also problematic as the cross between online versus smart phone doesn’t always mesh, but that doesn’t deter the mass of the world’s population to continue logging in to take the pulse of their community like a dedicated nurse, Nightingale doesn’t stand a chance against Zuckerberg.

I think people often develop a love/hate relationship with the app. Some loving being able to rant about personal problems, share endless pictures of their adorable children, and link friends to trending memes. Who doesn’t love knowing what is going on their friends lives? True, this often leads to drama leading to possible break-ups to finding true love. Expressing political and religious views has never been easier, though if someone disagrees it is as simple “hiding” or just un-friending that person(How rude! Le Gasp!).

Keeping in touch with old high school chums and out of town relatives or extended family is now just a click or finger press away. Smartphone apps make it portable and convenient to connect with the world in which you reside, snapping a shot of your enormous lunch or that special moment with  your bestie.

Some of the things that seem to make people hesitant to use the app because of inability to maneuver around the internet or the feeling of a loss of privacy. Facebook has amped it setting for privacy true, but come on this is the internet who really believes that ANYTHING is really private? This is most evident in the custom ads that tend to pop up on the side of your Facebook page after searching for that certain item on eBay. As for being “hooked-up” it is as easy as a name and email address or grabbing a grand kid to escort you through the process or simply clicking around.

Whether you are the type that adds simply everyone from “that one guy/girl” you just met online or in real life at the local club to just a few close personal friends and family members, the experience is what you make of it. Heartfelt thoughts and highlights spread through your wall one post at time, making some laugh while gaining support in troubled times or just letting off steam. Facebook, ultimately is possibly the trendiest outlet for such a thing. Everyone should at least try the Facebook experience. What is the worse that could happen? Oh yeah, no one will hit the “like” button on your post, such tragedy. I am sure the rest of the world is still logging in. Ha! I am still waiting for the “dislike” feature and it still refuses to do my laundry…But hey, I can let all my friends and family know all about it!

By Teidi Bishop

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