Food May Not Influence Health as Previously Believed

food may not influence health
What’s your favorite food?  A nice fresh garden green salad? Thai curry?  Fresh Barbecued Ribs straight off the grill?  How about hot apple pie made from fruit picked fresh off the tree? Or Japanese seared Ahi tuna with cracked black pepper ?  Whatever your favorite food is, we all have them and we all judge ourselves, sometimes too harshly, on what foods we should and shouldn’t be eating.  For some people it’s about weight loss and for others it’s allergies.  Some folks buy into the philosophy of organic foods as being healthier while others subscribe to the notion that if it’s raw, it’s good for you.  What if food did not influence our health as much as we have all previously believed? What if there was another factor at play?

This is an opinion piece utilizing scientific experiments and facts that may or may not hold sway for you in the idea of food and its influence on health.  After all, we have all these studies “proving” certain foods are better for us than others, don’t we?  We have individuals living longer, healthier lives because of their food choices, don’t we?  What if the food eaten was just an outward representation of the beliefs going on inside?

Several years ago, in 2008, Natural News published a very interesting and compelling article entitled: The Mind-Body Connection: Fear Manifests in Many Diseases. This was part of a several article series on the subject of how the mind influences the health of the body, written by Cathy Sherman.  It described how people given false diagnoses would suddenly take on the symptoms of said diseases or be cured by the placebo effect.  It mentions how our brains light up in the same way and places when we are having an experience as when we are thinking about having the same experience.

Thought creates.  This has been the findings of quantum science for decades now, yet it is so difficult for people to grasp.  We believe, and according to our beloved Einstein, that we live in a cause and effect reality.  At least that is how we interpreted his work and the experiences we walk through and see.  We believe that “A” happens and then “B” is the result.  We also believe that this happens largely without our interference, it’s just the “way things are.”  If something happens, like dementia, then that person will decrease in mental faculties and likely die.  Another popular notion based on things we perceive – aging leads to eventual death.

If we have been diagnosed with cancer, we will get sick and possibly die.  If we injure our knee, it will hurt.  If we are “over-weight” we can only lose so many pounds per day. We are filled with different beliefs, all of them largely agreed upon by society and therefore experienced by most everyone.

Though there are arguments as to the whole truth on the matter, most people believe that certain foods are more healthy than other foods.  But what if food did not influence your health in the way you previously believed?  What if the way food behaved in your body was entirely up to the way you felt about it?  What if you could have a piece of pepperoni cheese pizza filled with grease be just as healthy- in your mind – as a green salad with fresh garden toppings?  What if marshmallows were equal to raisins in your belief?  What if a shot of wheatgrass and a shot of espresso could mean the same to you?  What would happen then?

If science can find that a person can become paralyzed by the mere suggestion of paralysis being part of a diagnosis, without feeling any previous symptoms and then recover suddenly upon hearing the truth – the body-mind connection must be extremely, profoundly interwoven.   If someone can die from the suggestion that they have cancer, but then be found to have not a single speck of cancer in the body – what then are we capable of accomplishing with the mind?

I am not suggesting that eating certain foods isn’t a good idea.  Before we have mastery of the power of our minds, we may need to change some things in our diet so we can start attuning to the nature of the body and what the mind is capable of.  What I am suggesting is that food may not influence health as much as previously believed.  Rather, belief is what influences health and all other additions are supplemental.  If we believe what we are eating to be the best thing for us, it shall have a healing affect.  If we think we are poisoning ourselves or somehow hurting our system by ingesting certain foods – so shall be our experiences.  We are self-fulfilling in every prophecy and decision we make.  That is how powerful we are.

In an article written by Enoch Tan entitled Healing All Diseases with Thoughts and Feelings he states:

When you take a medicine with the mindset of ‘I have a disease and therefore I am taking this medicine for it’, the medicine reinforces the disease. When you take a medicine while thinking about the disease you are hoping to cure, you are attracting more of the same. But  if you believe that taking the medicine will cure you, it will. This is how the placebo effect works. It is not the substance contained in the medicine that brings about the ‘cure,’ but the belief that it will cure you.

It is the same thing with food.  Though we can sit in the laboratories of science all day long and do research on particular constituents that will do certain things, none of that information will trump the power of the mind.  The mind is an amazing tool for healing or demise.  Even in the case of psychedelic substances, meant to open and stretch the mind, one who is of a sound and strong mental state will remain unaffected by even the most potent substance.  On the other hand, one who fears the experience, in the on-set or within the journey, will come face to face with the profound beliefs in his or her own mind which will dictate the very experience had – sometimes with great horror. All thoughts become true in the psychedelic realm, which is the case in our regular “real-time” 3-D world as well, it is just slower to notice.

Food may in fact not influence health as we have all previously believed, though beliefs may influence our health more than we know.  Be careful what you think about and what you project into your fertile mental field, for what sprouts and grows there will be of your own making and you must eat of the crops thereof.  For there is no other (mental) food besides that which you have provided yourself with.  And this food feeds you, nourishing you into life or death.

By: Stasia Bliss


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