The Internet – Gateway to Telepathy and Cosmic Mind


What is technology anyway? Eternal projections of inner wisdom manifested in the field of physical matter for every human to utilize and enjoy as needed.  As technology advances it signifies the awareness of what is possible in this realm as well as reflects more deeply what could be accomplished on the internal plane as well.  I am truly of the opinion that if something did not already exist in potential within a human being, then it could not be created in this world of form.  We create what we are – on some level.  The internet seems to represent a gateway to telepathic abilities and the potential to access not only information across the world easier, but within what one might term “the cosmic mind.”

Think of it like this – if we can do it with technology first, externally, then we can conceptualize it better, therefore making it easier to imagine doing it without the aide of technology.  Take telepathy.   Before the internet existed, the idea of speaking with someone on the other side of the planet instantly seemed impossible and unthinkable.  Today, that seems like a no-brainer, right?  In any moment, any one of us could talk to someone in any other country with internet access in the blink of an eye.  Somehow this is a mapping for our brains to access such potential within.  Telepathy is the ability to talk to someone else in your mind.  The internet is the ability to talk to someone else via the world-mind today – the net.

As we link up voices, languages, cameras, news, share information, blogs and photographs, we are slowly erasing lines which separate us and increasing our connection to a bigger mind – perhaps the cosmic one.  The invention of the car prepared us for quick transport, leading to the airplane and now to teleporting molecules…are we next? Space travel has expanded the reality of a previously limited explorable community and overnight delivery brought us closer to instant manifestation.  What’s next?

Technology invented ways to identify and prevent germs and to measure the capacity of the mind.  We are now using that self-studied, discovered mind to surpass technology.  We can heal through belief and connect with one another through feeling.  Could the internet be the gateway to really experiencing telepathy and tuning into the greater cosmic mind?  Time can only tell, though it seems as though we cannot escape it.  With less and less need to remember mundane details due to instant access to all knowledge online, we free our minds up to perform more complex tasks thought only to be a fantasy before.

Those who meditate extensively describe the cosmic mind as a giant web connecting all beings and all of creation which we can access through still-mindedness.  Could the modeling provided us by the internet, the worldwide web, allow us access to powers of telepathy and become the gateway through which we understand and experience the cosmic mind?  We shall see.  But it’s fun to speculate.

By: Stasia Bliss

Live Science


3 Responses to "The Internet – Gateway to Telepathy and Cosmic Mind"

  1. Stijn   April 28, 2014 at 3:28 am

    Wonderful! Thank you! Add Indra’s Net/Web to this and the fact that tele(m)pathy is actually having/sharing/connecting to the same thoughts at the same time (rather than an exchange of thoughts; see Bashar) and the picture is complete to me 🙂

    Much love to One and All, for All are One and One is All <3

  2. Samantha   October 8, 2013 at 11:24 am

    interesting post, I had never thought of the internet like that – but it is so true.

  3. Bird   October 8, 2013 at 1:40 am

    Littly funny. My offer is to visit Yahoo group Telepathy. The 5-6 years old documental proofs of Telepathy… They were not published, because of understanding, that then it would be too much hard pressing to accept telepathy like too much hard offer accept misunderstanding.
    But in light of such articles like this, today they are plased in mentioned Yahoo group.
    Message’s subject: Touch through body and the doubts. Exist the documental proofs of telepathy, which view 5-6 years ago would be Worldvide horror.


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