Gold in Rule of Fame and Fortune

Gold in Rule of fame and fortuneThe gold rush of yore is long over, but the cherished, natural ore is still in high demand as market value is around $1400 an ounce.  Ever since the panning of gold in the late 1800s, the nugget has become a commodity we all want.  The lure and desire for meriting the best of the best has enticed us to greater achievements, going the extra mile and winning the gold medal.  The Golden Rule of fame and fortune was taught to us as children as we learned to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  A heart of gold would surely pave the way to a happy life as we learned the song as scouts,  “Make new friends , but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s Gold.”  

The road to happiness, health, freedom and wealth have all been illustrated with golden touches.  Even the Yellow Brick Road our friend Dorothy traveled upon long ago was full of hope and dreams.  Gold has long been a symbol of goodness, gain and glorification for the ages and still holds true for modern times.  With tales from the Brothers Grimm about the golden goose, the refrain in The Twelve Days of Christmas (five golden rings), gold plated this and that, it stands to serve that gold is worth striving for.

Our forefathers worked long and hard in the hot sun, straining and sieving the rocks out of the river for a mere nugget of the golden gem.  Gold became embedded into the earth’s core with molten iron from the beginning of time and was a sunken treasure to be discovered.  Fortunately the precious metal rained down through meteorites from the heavens over the eons, providing the golden ticket to fame and fortune.

Golden rings of promise often bestow the newly wed finger of many as they search for a happy life.  The golden touch of blessings are just a symbol of love in the bank for married couples that actually have to work at love.  The golden promises of a beautiful treasure is a hope we all reflect upon through our lives together.

Gold is a good thing, needed and treasured.  The benefits of gold have aided in medicine, dentistry and electronics.  Many useful items are gold plated and gold infused.  The gorgeous, shining gem is one to be remembered through the years as people travel down the road to golden anniversaries and golden age.

Who could forget the missing gold tooth in Home Alone, the memories of Golden Pond or the antics of James Bond in Gold Finger.  The Golden Rule of thumb goes the distance and encourages us to try and try again.  In step with the Golden Globe awards, each one of us could be deserving of a gold statue.  Precious metals rain from the heavens in joy and humility as we all grasp the nature of our inner core.  The core of the earth is a treasure yet to be discovered and enjoyed in this golden path of life.  The gold in rule of fame and fortune is ultimately up to us.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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