GTA V Scam

614,000 of die hard fans scammed

Thousands of fans defrauded

Oct, 23, 2013: According to a breaking news filed by CNET, thousands of die hard GTA V fans have been successfully conned into downloading a PC version of  the phenomenal  game. These fans are in such a hurry to get the PC version of the game that some unscrupulous con-artists have defrauded them into downloading malware, which is potentially harmful to their computers, instead of the real deal.  The report by CNET added:

“The file looks legit, appearing near the top of Google search results, and nearly 7000 users connected; however, appearing as a setup.exe file, the first clue that something could be awry is the file size 18.3GB, compared to 7.7GB for the Xbox 360 version.”

It is to be noted that Rockstar, has not yet released the PC version of the game, nor has it announced a date when the game would be available for downloading.

Written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


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