Government Shutdown Is a Lie

Government Shutdown is a LieToday, October 1st, 2013, the United States government declared that it is ‘shut down.’  It is no longer working.  That is true, but it’s not a surprise, it hasn’t worked for at least five years.  But elected officials have are not a part of the shutdown; they continue to be paid.

Those who actually work for the government are not being paid.  Many services to the American public are not functioning.  But congress and the senate are receiving their paychecks while they refuse to work.

80 members of congress are responsible for the cancellation of paychecks for many government employees who only survive ‘paycheck to paycheck’.  The TEA Party has put working Americans in jeopardy, while they continue with their income and benefits.  And John Boehner and Eric Cantor are supporting them.

Our country is being blackmailed by 80 men and women.  What the hell has happened to America?  We are the joke of the world.  We are represented by the most incompetent and self-serving government in the world.

The TEA Party is supported by the Koch brothers and other egregiously wealthy members of our society.  They don’t care about the working class, they care about their increasing wealth.

If the average American has any intelligence, any integrity, the 2014 mid-term elections will see all TEA Party members sent back to where they belong, remedial education.

Americans must revolt.  A Republican form of government is not working for the average man.  The 2010 Census showed that the working class lost income in 10 years while the wealthy found their bank accounts growing by leaps and bounds.

Without a violent revolution, Americans have only one weapon, their vote.  I, for one will not cast another vote for either of the two major political parties.  They have failed me.

The government shutdown is a lie.  Our governing body continues to thrive, while the people suffer.

James Turnage


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