‘Gravity’ Movie’s Special Effects Impress Viewers

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Gravity Movie

On October 4, 2013 the movie ‘Gravity’ was released from director Alfonso Cuaron. ‘Gravity’, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, focuses on an astronaut (Sandra Bullock)  who gets lost in space after an incident. George Clooney’s character, a medical engineer, works with Bullock’s character to help get them both back to Earth. The plot is very suspenseful for viewers and rightfully so since the movie’s genre is thriller, but not only does the plot impress the viewers, the movie’s special effects have also impressed viewers everywhere.

The movie ‘Gravity’ has turned out to be a hit around the world for many reasons. The director, Alfonso Cuaron, has received many positive reviews over the movie’s great attributes. But as much as the director worked behind the scenes to make the movie a hit, the cast were working just as hard in front of the cameras. Scott Mante of Access Hollywood said, “Sandra Bullock gave the performance of her career.” Though, even as good as the cast was in this movie nothing was more amazing to viewers than the stunning visuals.

The movie takes place in outer space with Bullock and Clooney on a rocket ship 372 miles above the Earth. The movie’s special effects are so magnificent and realistic that the viewer might actually feel like they are in space.

Some viewers have actually posted on social media that the ‘Gravity’ movie was a cheaper way to visit outer space. Other viewers are also commenting on the movie describing their experience as amazing, thrilling, and “an ultimate experience”. Fox News Channel’s entertainment anchor stated live that the movie was definitely a “must see”. Some viewers have even gone back to theaters for a second time. So what makes the movie so special that everyone is raving about it?

Some of the special effects including in the movie is a digital image of Earth with clouds floating in the atmosphere, frames depicting an actual meteor shower, close-ups of Sandra Bullock ‘in space’ and views of what she sees in space, emotional sound effects and more. Entertainment guru Aaron Ricciardi wrote, “Gravity is one of the tightest, most terrifying, most beautiful, and most profoundly spiritual pieces of art I’ve ever encountered.”

It’s not doubt that the visual effects of the movie are stunning in any view.  But while regular viewing is still exceptional a large percent of the movie’s income is being brought in by 3D and Imax. The impressive special effects just seem like more of a treat in 3D and Imax, drawing viewers in. In fact, ‘Gravity’ pulled in the second largest weekend gross in Imax history at a total of $9 million.

Overall ‘Gravity’ brought in $44.3 million just this last weekend bringing it’s total to $123.4 million, a record in box offices.  Other movies released in the last two weeks have fallen short of the record millions brought in by ‘Gravity’. But another record set by the movie ‘Gravity’ was reportedly a box office fall of only 21% in the second showing week.

When the numbers and reviews are not good enough to attract viewers in the movie’s website, gravitymovie.warnerbros.com, will sure do the trick. The website has some special effects of it’s own with realistic looking space photos, movie clips, and even a 3D spacewalk that viewers can take virtually. The website definitely compliments the movie, as it gives viewers an idea of what they have to look forward to during the movie.

While the movie can’t stay in theaters forever it is showing no signs of leaving anytime soon.  With all of the spotlight on this outer space thriller it’s sure to keep pulling is the big bucks.

For amazing special effects, a suspenseful plot, a beautiful setting, a great performance, and so much more, stop by your local theater and see the movie ‘Gravity’. Apparently, you won’t be disappointed!


Written by: Crystal Boulware

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  2. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. IMAX size screen enhances viewing experience. As usual the 3D format is soon forgotten, the best format seems to be animated movies. Wondering how the conditions of space were so seamlessly create, had NO problem with believability. Just exquisitely made. Knowing how Apollo 13 footage was achieved, am wondering if the same method was use for perfect portrayals of weightlessness ?? This film really needs to be seen on

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  4. The author and/or copy editor should learn the difference between ”it’s” and “its.” See sentence “…. Last week bringing it’s total to $123.4 million”. The word “it’s” is a contraction, and always, and only, means IT IS. That word is never a possessive, as in “Bob’s hat.” So, what you wrote actually says: “…last week bringing it is total to $123.4 million…” Sorry to sound like a grumpy old man, but I do have to wonder, as as a seasoned journalist, how writers and editors get through journalism school without learning the proper choice of homonyms and how to avoid the most common spelling mistakes in English.

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