Greece’s Top Golden Dawn Chief Jailed [Video]

Extreme-right Golden Dawn party leader Michaloliakos is escorted by anti-terrorist police officers into a court in Athens

A top chief official of Greece’s Golden Dawn Party was arrested and faced a trial by judge. Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, party chief, was jailed after a six-hour inquiry by a Greek judge of charges of founding and belonging to a criminal organization.

Support of the party declined after bad press upon the killing of a well known rapper that took place in a Greek outdoor pub. Pavlos Fyssas, was killed as police witnessed it, by a neo-fascist supporter of the Golden Dawn movement. Mihaloliakos denied that the party was founded on criminal principles and believes attacks on the movement are unwarranted.

Mihaloliakos was arrested with fellow party members. Supporters corralled the court house voicing support for the members. His wife and daughter were among supporters at the court house along with his fellow lawmakers. “You are a diamond – don’t buckle,” she exclaimed as he was led through the throng of spectators.

The judged jailed Greece’s top Golden Dawn chief shortly after Prime Minister’s Antonis Samaras edict that he would wipe the party out. Officials plan to move Mihaloliakos to a high security prison for added security. Supporters on scene at the courthouse were heard chanting the slogan: “Blood! Honor! Golden Dawn!”

Golden Dawn members went viral posting on their website, “The jailing of our general secretary it totally unfair, unconstitutional and dictated by foreign centers of power.” They went on to say the jailing represented a wretched conspiracy in the political history of the country.

The Greek public questioned the sincerity of officials in dealing with the Golden Dawn scourge after three leaders were released pending bail weeks earlier after the killing of the local rapper. It was noted Golden Dawn members celebrated the release publicly and demeaned members of the media as they were released.

The Golden Dawn movement arose from a small membership due to discontent with the traditional parties of Greece. Observers contend that due to the countries prolonged economic crisis the party won 18 seats in the parliament last election. Its raising status caught the attention of political observers’ nation wide.

Despite being known for violently attacking dark-skinned immigrants and the visible promotion of the swastika emblem, they are third among the rank parties in Greece. The organization vigorously denies the implications.

Greece’s top chief Golden Dawn official was jailed due to the public outcry of the violence perpetrated by party sympathizers. It’s apparent that the society in Greece is split along social lines as to the significance of party ideals and actions.

By Thomas Barr

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