Greg Louganis Takes the Plunge and Gets Married

greg louganisGreg Louganis, the debonair, dashing diver has won gold again, and he is all smiles!  He is celebrating his marriage to Johnny Chaillot, which took place Oct.12, 2013 in Malibu, California.  He is in love and not afraid to say so.  The outspoken supporter of gay rights and HIV advocate, married his soul mate after a short engagement.  Greg, age 53 and Johnny, age 52, could pass for twins and as they say, couples that belong together start looking alike.  The two make a handsome pair as they plunge into a life a married devotion.

Greg Louganis has always been an athlete, starting gymnastics and dance as a small child.  He began his diving lessons at age nine and went on to achieve Olympic winning status in the sport.  He won our hearts as he collected gold metals at the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics, competing in diving.  He also is the proud owner of more than a dozen other gold metal honors from various other competitions.  He studied arts and theatre in college.

His world took a turn when he announced he was HIV positive shortly after an accident during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.  He hit his head on a diving board during practice and required four stitches, but returned to win the gold metal for that round.  His sponsors and endorsers were not happy about the HIV news and dropped him as a spokesman.  Greg bravely faced his critics and skeptics and in turn kept his contract with Speedo.

The news was out, Greg was out and there was no turning back.  He went on to beat all odds that were against him and continued on the path to his own happiness.  The inspiring, good looker managed to get his health under control, and in turn lent his hand to others that suffered from the HIV virus.  He shared his story and became an encourager along the way.

As Greg has mainly has devoted his life to others, he has found a career in coaching young divers in Southern California.  He was a mentor to the United States diving team for the summer 2012 Olympics in London.  He participated in the TV show Splash as judge and dive master last year.  One of his greatest honors was to be inducted, this past August, into the Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in Chicago along with other great athletes such as Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and Jason Collins.  Chicago has always been kind and accepting to gays, so it was the perfect place.  As the building awaits, the groundwork of hall of famers is already in place.

After dating many that were his opposite in looks and likes, he finally met and found personal happiness with Johnny Chaillot.  Greg louganisJohnny, a paralegal, seems to be the perfect match for Greg.  When it all hit the water, it did not take long to discover their common bond with one another.  They chose to make it official with a commitment and a journey they will share.  The inspiration of love can sometimes be dampened by those not accustomed to waves of passion between gay couples, but these two were designed for each other and will surely earn perfect tens in the competition of joy and happiness.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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