Miley Cyrus Fan-21 Miley Tattoos Another Planned (Video)

Miley Cyrus Fan Has 21 Miley Tattoos and Planning Another

A man who calls himself a “superfan” of Miley Cyrus has 21 tattoos of the mediocre songstress on his body, and he’s got another one planned. Carl McCoid credits Cyrus’ music with helping through a painful divorce. He has her full name in large letters across his chest and various pictures of her face and names of her albums all over his body. His latest tattoo features Cyrus with her tongue sticking out; however, the depiction of her tongue in the tattoo is much, much more petite and less cow-like than it is in real life. He also has the word “Bangerz” across his back in enormous red letters and a huge “M” on his lower back near the tramp-stamp area. The word “obsessed” is written on one forearm and the word “breakout” is on the other.

He says that Miley is a “perfect human being,” and says that her existence makes him believe there is a God. “This photo is so beautiful,” he said about a picture of the peculiar pop star. “Her swag is amazing. And just look at that smile. God exists.” If you’re thinking that McCoid seems just a little bit off-kilter, consider this: he is 40 years of age. However, his friends have stated that he is “normal,” so no one should worry about any kind of psycho behavior. He just really, really loves Miley, apparently.

The poor chap has taken a beating social media, with people calling him “insane,” “psycho,” and “creepy.” However, since he says he would be “too embarrassed” to contact Miley about his tattoos, it seems there is little danger of his becoming an actual stalker, which is a good thing. He says he also has tons of posters of Cyrus all over his walls and that he has no plans to stop getting tattoos of Miley Cyrus because they are addictive.

Indeed, rather than having any type of serious mental disorder, as some other fans of Cyrus fear he may, the mega-fan could have a tattoo addiction, which, while not life threatening, is considered a legitimate addiction for which a 12-step program is offered from numerous counseling groups. McCoid has also appeared on the show My Tattoo Addiction to discuss his tattoos of the star. He says sometimes he worries that people will question his sanity, but, he says, “It’s making me so happy, it’s unbelievable. It’s a happiness I’ve never felt before.”

Since McCoid has said that the tattoos have been helping get through a divorce, they may in fact be a way to deal with internalized pain. However, since they’re not hurting anyone, the man should be allowed to continue with his Miley Cyrus tattoo addiction without fear of social media bullying. At least he’s doing something creative and noteworthy (although his chosen subject leaves a lot to be desired.)

And who knows? Since Miley Cyrus hired another “superfan” to be her personal assistant earlier this year, the cards could always turn in McCoid’s favor. However, he has stated that if he ever got a chance to meet Miley, he would “die.” That’s doubtful, but for now, McCoid is just busy planning his 22nd tattoo. This Miley Cyrus mega-fan has 21 Miley tattoos and another one planned. How many will he end up with? Only time will tell.

By: Rebecca Savastio 

The Mirror

New York Daily News



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