GTA Online Update and the Glitches It Fixed


Rockstar released an update on Friday which has addressed at least some of the problems and glitches Playstation 3 players have encountered while attempting to have fun playing Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online). On Saturday morning, the update became available for Xbox 360. Also, Rockstar Games have made more information available about their free service, the Rockstar Social Club, which will add to the overall experience of playing the online game.

One of the worst issues has become known as the “Mall or Nothing” glitch. It has become infamous, for it prevented most users from advancing past the very first introductory mission of the game. Finally, most players will get the chance to play the game to their hearts’ content and explore the vast world of GTA Online.

There are still some issues which remain, perhaps most visible one involving texture-loading; but, today’s update, as well as Friday’s, has at least made the game playable for most people who purchased GTA 5. It  is, by and large, a fun experience, and there’s definitely a lot to see and do besides just playing the game and building up rep points and your bank account.

There is a practically endless number of races, jobs, missions, and robberies for players to partake of and enjoy accomplishing, either playing solo or with a crew of online friends.

What “fixes” did Rockstar’s update solve?

Among other fixes, Rockstar’s update to Grand Theft Auto Online addressed the Mall or Nothing race issue found in the online tutorial, as I mentioned earlier in this article.

Also. the update solved the issue some players experienced of having their bank and cash incorrectly deleted — I’m sure that this was a quite annoying problem.

When a player died in Last team Standing and Missions, inaccurate amounts of cash dropped was another glitch. The update has fixed that problem, as well as one in which, after a failed load, the Character Switch Wheel would inexplicably vanish.

Related to the above was another problem, where players trying to use the Character Switch Wheel to enter GTA Online experienced seeing a black screen.

Another aggravating issue which the update has taken care of is one in which temporary characters overwrote main characters. This fix, combined with one the update has solved about players who bought apartments losing their money and the apartments, I’m sure was another big help in lowering the blood pressure of many pissed off players of GTA Online.

A glitch that sometimes happened, but which the update has taken care of, is one in which Story Mode missions were missed. And, to help prevent Story Mode saves from becoming corrupted, the update removed the autosave that happened when players changed over from GTA V Story Mode to GTA Online.

What can players expect from the Rockstar Social Club?

The Rockstar Social Club is a free service that offers players several cool features. It’s especially useful to crews which play the game. You can do things like browse the character profiles of other players, view their statistics, and also read their crew pages to learn more about them.

Besides this, you can now bookmark and rate jobs that will be then waiting for you the next time you decide to play GTA Online. Rockstar Games will add more features and content to the growing list of things you can do which involve the Rockstar Social Club.

Though the update that Rockstar Games has released hasn’t solved all of the problems which have plagued GTA Online, they are definitely moving in the right direction. Players can now, at least, actually play the game, and hopefully have fun while doing so, which is more than can be said about the annoying problems millions of players faced on October 1, when the game first became available to play online.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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3 Responses to "GTA Online Update and the Glitches It Fixed"

  1. Jakob Shaw   October 8, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Playing on the PS3 I have been able to join a crew and on occasion will randomly get paired with another crew member however when I try to join a crew member with an invite (either way) it will not work.

  2. Ken Frankie Jr.   October 6, 2013 at 5:30 am

    Same here except I’m on ps3 so its the x button for me but solo works fine just can’t do any missions unless I want to wait 15 min while it attempts to load just to have it say fail or couldn’t connect try again later or some bs

  3. Sayten   October 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    DOESN’T WORK. Tried it and i can’t join anything but a private session. If i join a freind’s, crew member’s, or public game it times out and then i can’t press a to return to the story and I have to dashboard. F this and i am stoked for Pokemon X.


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