GTA Online Launches with Server Issues

Features and details of GTA V Online

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Gamers, Rockstar has passed the power of creation into the controller located in very excited hands. As expected with any new launch, the servers are experiencing a lag and may occasionally crash. For a game that has sold over $2 billion across the globe, that is expected. Be sure to exercise some patience and maybe enjoy the offline gaming for a bit as Rockstar works out the kinks as millions of players reach for their remote. Call all gamer buds on deck and get ready to expand your GTA crew into a gang of up to 16.

There are some pretty cool features unveiled by Rockstar in the online play. As many Android users are still upset over the lack of the iFruit companion app, the online access may ease the woes of the upset fans by leading up to some pretty nice features:

Amazing Features to Enjoy

  • Michael, Franklin and Trevor are out and gamers are in! Create a character is now available for all gamers. This is just more than putting on some neat clothes and heading out. Gamers will be formulating the backstory for their character. This inclusive ability allows a gamer to determine events in their character’s lives; parents, hobbies, work ability and even starting reputation. Make it count.
  • GTA$ is out and there are several packs for gamers to choose from to use real money for purchases. The full details of the cash information is located in an affiliated link at the end of the article.
  • Learn and love passive mode, this will make the self-created character bullet-proof while walking around to hit the gun shop or car shopping. The passive mode immediately ends the minute a gamer pulls the trigger on their own gun.
  • Build the worth of reputation! It will mean a lot online. Up to 15 players can immerse into the over 500 missions, online play will bring. How well a crew does determine how quickly their meeting rooms will be setup to graph out more intricate heists.
  • Create crew colors! Mayhem will unleash when crews face against other crews and may the best team win. The goal of GTV online is to become the number one group in the online world.
  • Tired of hitting up another bank? It may be time to exercise a group vacation day. Go base-jumping, take in a game of golf, hit the local strip club or go watch a movie.
Check out base jumping for a fun hobby
Check out base jumping for a fun hobby
  • Inform group members to stay out of the media and keep their hands clean, unless it is a planned heist. Otherwise, while relaxing at home, a breaking news story will show the black sheep of the team being declared a criminal – including video footage of said criminal activity. Actually, thinking about it…gamers will intentionally seek that limelight until the novelty wears off. While at home, check out the security cameras and determine if any global players are looking to poach off the land.
  • Crew leaders can create races between their assigned members, picking a point on the map for the final win. Use the characters cellphone and setup an immediate race to enjoy while sitting back and hooting at the gambled decision.
  • Expect Rockstar to allow gamer open access in the near future. This will allow players to create content that may just be picked up by Rockstar and shared with other players.
Create your crew and setup the players in charge
Create your crew and setup the players in charge

Exercise Patience

The online features launch today! While server issues have already been encountered, patience is requested from gamers. Be aware of the some of the issues being reported to Rockstar which currently include:

  • Initial sign-on for the online gameplay- keep trying, it may take several hours for all servers and areas to connect.
  • The online update may result in a message or even issues of accessing offline campaigns, once more, exercise patience.
  • Rockstar was pro-active about these measures and alerted gamers via their website to advise of patience required.

During the initial launch, read more about the details – confirm Internet connection is up and ready and any membership fees for the console are paid. Read online through Guardian Express for online details during the launch. Happy gaming!

Keep the chaos onscreen and enjoy!
Keep the chaos onscreen and enjoy!

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