GTA V Online Issues Addressed in New Title Patch

GTA V Online Title Patch for PS3
Rockstar Games have released another title patch for the PS3 and are working to make the Xbox 360 patch available very soon. The patch will address problems with the GTA V Online Mode.

The issues that Rockstar have attempted to fix are:

Several issues that caused characters to be deleted and lost progress.

Several issues that resulted in infinite loading, sky cams; and lost interfacing options between jobs.

Issues causing replay options to lock out on some jobs.

An issue causing players to get stuck in the mod garage while respraying the Sanchez motorcycle.

An issue that allowed players to be stuck in Los Santos Customs during the Online tutorial.

An Issue that allowed the loss of ammo and guns

Issues that caused GTA races to finish early due to players spawning too far ahead.

Issues that kept Last Team Standing from getting out of the lobby.

Issues of players receiving network errors if they used the Quick Jobs option to join Last Team Standing.

Increased explanations/instructions for players using temporary characters for GTA Online when the Rockstar Cloud server is down.

Adjusted cash penalties for dying in One on One matches.

While the patch does clear up some issues of character deletion, it does not address all items, property, et al, that players are upset about losing. Rockstar have again thanked players for their patience and reassured them that they are still working on the problem. They have promised that they are looking into ways of solving the problem and working out some sort of restitution.

Rockstar have also listed the still ongoing issues with their network and the Cloud Server. The open issues are:

Error messages showing that Rockstar Cloud Servers are not available.

Error messages showing a failure to host GTA Online session.

An error message saying “Timed out” while matchmaking compatible GTA Online Sessions.

Error messages on jobs failing to load or start.

Multiple network error messages including server errors, disconnections.

Error messages showing mission failure once the mission begins.

Errors causing matchmaking load screens to time out after 10 to 15 minutes.

Disc-based errors (offline) mixing with online content on Jobs list.

Free roaming sessions during a cloud server outage leaving players with no jobs/markers showing on the map when using a temporary character.

The company is also aware of the existing Social Club issues that include problems with login, slow loading, emailing issues, et al. R* are attempting to fix these problems as well. The support site updates also point out that some issues have been resolved with the 10/5/13 Title Update 1.02. These issues are:

Gameplay freezing when loading the first race in GTA Online while “waiting for other players” message is displayed.

Players being stuck on load screens and getting the same cut-scene repeated.

Players being stuck while attempting to transition into the race or lobby as other players are leaving or entering.

The loss of Race Corona (start area, marker) for the first race.

Rockstar have been working to fix all the existing, and ongoing, problems since the Online launch. While players have been frustrated and angry at the issues, the company have been providing Title updates on a regular basis. So far, on their support site, they provide updates on their progress at least once per 24 hour time period.

While they have yet to address the server issues that are infuriating players, they have released another GTA V update. The new Title patch for the PS3 addresses existing issues in Online gameplay and the Xbox 360 Title update will be available soon. Rockstar reminds players that they can contact them for ongoing issues and subscribe to their support page for the most recent information.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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