GTA V Online Multiplayer Server Issues

PS3 patch not completely successful in handling issues.

GTA V Server Issues

Rockstar Games have thanked everyone for being patient with the problems encountered so far by gamers who have had issues with the GTA V Online Multiplayer mode. It now seems that as well as the common issues that the company attempted to fix with a downloadable PS3 patch, that there are server issues which are frustrating fans of the game.

The main problem quoted by most annoyed and frustrated gamers is the inability access the servers, although there are substantial a number of players who are still having money issues and character problems. Rockstar have published an article pointing out the existing problems on their game’s support website. They point out that the information provided on the site is changing “frequently” and that gamers should check it regularly to keep up to date on issues.

For PS3 GTA V Online Multiplayer participants, there was a PlayStation Network server issue that limited the number of “possible concurrent users.” This problem kept a lot of players from accessing the GTA Online arena completely. Apparently the problem was reportedly fixed 12 hours ago, but reading the comments from gamers who responded to our patch article, it has not been completely successful.

Another problem came from players not able to get through the first tutorial mission. A lot of players managed to get around this issue by multiple retries and Rockstar are attempting to solve this right now.

There is also an issue of instability across the GTA Online services that was causing problems for players who had gotten past the tutorial mission. Rockstar have said that they have identified the problems and are attempting to sort the stability issue as quickly as possible.

Due to the amount of issues experienced by players, Rockstar have disabled access to the GTA$ “cash packs” which could be bought for real money to boost the players profits. The game’s GTA$ can still be earned via gameplay by pulling off Jobs and other profit related activities in the game, but cannot be purchased separately until all issues have been resolved.

Several comments on our existing article on the PS3 patch have mentioned character’s being automatically “downgraded” on experience points and money after players leave the game and attempt to access the Online GTA again.

Rockstar Games have promised to iron out technical problems as soon as possible and that they are working tirelessly 24/7. The company have also asked that as players encounter issues to report them to the dedicated support team.

Server issues have been experienced worldwide with gamers as far afield as South Africa saying that they can access servers in the morning, but after 1530 – 3:30 pm – they cannot access GTA Online at all.

Apparently the game is so popular that the window allowed for online gaming was not large enough for all the players attempting to access it. This combined with the amount of bugs and glitches that the patch has not corrected, continues to plague fans of the game.

Players are trying to be patient with Rockstar, but the amount of time it is taking for the company to solve the many problems with the online multiplayer issues is frustrating many. Promises that an Xbox 360 patch will be ready to download this weekend cannot fill many with confidence.

So players are still waiting for all the PS3 issues to be solved after downloading the available patch and encountering server issues as well. To give Rockstar Games some credit, it looks as though they may have been unprepared for the sheer magnitude of players who would be attempting to use the system’s servers.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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