Halloween Pet Costumes

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Holidays are always more fun when you include your pets, and Halloween pet costumes are no exception! What cat, dog or gerbil doesn’t enjoy being stuffed into an awkwardly-fitting outfit and photographed in a pumpkin? To all the pet owners who persevere every year to get such fantastic, adorable pictures of their poor furry friends, thank you! And more importantly, to all the infinitely patient furry little creatures that have to put up with this kind of crap all too often – thanks! We love you! Especially the rough-and-tumble one-eyed Jack pictured above, wearing a very dashing pirate costume! And of course little grandma Froggy, doing her own version below.

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Do you want to dress up the fur-kid but are not sure where to begin? There are plenty of ways to get Fluffy or Sammie or Twinklebutt looking festive, especially if they are that special brand of “mellow.” Hats and t-shirts are the most popular pet costumes, since they can be themed in a million different ways. Check out this little man, Tiny, rocking his Indiana Jones costume! He even has his very own horsey to ride. Aww! Tiny didn’t wear his hat for very long, but just try to get that adorable little bandana away from him!

indiana jones catYou may think Tiny is born to model, but his mom knows better. Most cats, like this handsome guy, are really not fond of being dressed up in much more than a bandana or a fancy Halloween collar. If that sounds like your pet, don’t worry! Not only are there Halloween pet collars in stores, but you can easily make a themed, special collar or ribbon for no more than a few dollars.

For nitpicky kitties and dogs, visit the local dollar store or craft store and look for some ribbons and buttons that you can weave or hot-glue into a cute Halloween accessory. Look for pumpkin-shaped buttons, Halloween ribbons and other little decals that you can easily attach to the ribbon.

Once the ribbon is ready, you can either attach a buckle, a snap or just simply tie it in a bow around the furry neck of your loved one. Collar-based Halloween dress-up is substantially simpler than trying to convince most pets to endure an entire outfit with pants, a shirt and a matching hat. It’s just more their style.

Sebastian is a perfect model for a Halloween collar – it’s simple but full of holiday style! It’s also comfortable, especially for pets that are already used to wearing a collar on a regular basis. halloween costumes for dogs





If your pet is a bunny, like pretty little Lois pictured below, a ribbon-style Halloween costume is definitely an easier choice than a full-on Freddy-style rubber mask. If that fails, a little festive posing with a pumpkin gets you a great holiday card every time.

For the mild-mannered pet, of course, you can get away with oh-so-much more. Mumus are a favorite of pet-parents who are crafty. A simple mumu pattern, while not exactly practical for the cat or dog who enjoys an unfettered walking gait, are a nice one-fits-all solution for creative costuming.

halloween rabbit

Check out the very handsome (and patient!) Gulliver, rocking a fantastic Dracula costume! Every cat wants to be a vampire for Halloween, but not even this fearsome character outfit can make Gulliver’s sweet face look menacing. Happy Halloween!

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Source- The fantastic pet ladies and gentlemen of Facebook!

Written by Mandy Gardner

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