Illegal Drugs Turn CA Party into LSD Bloodbath [Video]

Illegal Drugs like LSD turn Mill Valley CA House Party into BloodbathIllegal drugs including LSD turned an all-night party into a literal bloodbath on Sunday morning in California’s Marin County. Five different town police departments were involved in pacifying the disturbance, which ended with one party-goer suffering a seizure and three suspects being arrested on multiple charges including assault for spitting blood on officers responding to the incident.

The county sheriff’s department got a request for assistance at about 7:30am from emergency crews who were being blocked from entering an allegedly vacant home in Mill Valley, CA. EMTs from the Southern Marin Fire District were responding to a 911 call reporting a juvenile male suffering a seizure in the home, apparently induced by LSD. When they arrived, however, the paramedics were barred from entering the front gate by a blood-covered 16 year-old boy. The boy, apparently under the influence, became combative and attacked with what Marin County Sherriff’s Office Lt. Doug Pittman described as “superhuman strength.”

“We had to provide medical care, but at the same time we had to protect ourselves,” reported Southern Marin Fire District Batt.Chief Peter Davis. “It became a physical altercation where we had to get the help of Marin County Sheriff’s department, Mill Valley Police, Tiburon Police to take care of the subjects at hand.”

The blood-covered boy continued to assault authorities as more personnel arrived. Eventually, the boy’s 18 year-old girlfriend also became violent with the officers and firefighters. Deputies reported that both the boy and the girl were spitting blood in the faces of those trying to enter the home.

Once representative of five police departments had arrived, they were able to force their way inside the home, where they found eight other partygoers, many of whom were also covered in blood. Marin County, CA police were also able to turn up other illegal drugs besides LSD inside the bloodbath that had started as a party, including stashes of cocaine and marijuana. They also found “another designer drug resembling ecstasy,” as well as a large quantity of what they believe to have been a very bad batch of acid.

The large volume of blood came from the self-inflicted injuries of the 16 year-old male, who apparently wounded himself while high on LSD. Lt. Pittman described the teen’s behavior as “something we used to see years ago with the use of PCP; we don’t see that very much anymore.”

The teen seizure victim was also believed to be under the influence of LSD, but after officers finally took control of the home, emergency crews were able to help.

Three of the teenaged partygoers, including the 16 year-old combatant and his blood-splitting girlfriend as well as an 18 year-old male, were arrested at the scene for multiple crimes. Before being taken to jail or juvenile hall, however, all three were hospitalized for drug-related conditions.

It was later determined that the vacant home was owned by the family of the party’s host, a 16 year-old girl. She was cited at the scene for a misdemeanor, as hosting the out-of-control party violated the local Social Host Accountability Ordinance, but not taken into custody. Though it is unlikely anyone could have predicted this party turning into an actual bloodbath, the Marin County CA law is often used to hold parents responsible in turn when a teenagers’ party includes the use of alcohol or other illegal drugs like LSD.

Written By: Jeremy Forbing

KTVU Channel 2 News
SF Appeal

One Response to "Illegal Drugs Turn CA Party into LSD Bloodbath [Video]"

  1. Rob Marsh   October 6, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    “Bad batch of LSD”

    There is no such thing. LSD is a fragile compound and if not made correctly will be inactive. It costs more to cut the drug with other chemicals than it does to sell it straight.

    What likely happened was that these kids were entirely unprepared for the psychedelic experience and panicked, leading to paranoia, anxiety and psychotic behaviour.

    A simple way we as a society can prevent these problems is by making reliable, accurate information concerning harm reduction and safe usage practices available to our young adults and the public in general.

    People will continue to use drugs despite the laws in place, by acknowledging that our focus can be shifted from prevention to harm minimization, a strategy that has proven fruitful in other nations around the globe.


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