iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Release Date and Specs Leaked

October 22 Apple will hold an event

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The tech industry is buzzing regarding the leaked event Apple will be holding October 22. Rumored to be the guests of honor include: iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, the new and improved Mac Pro and the updated OS X Mavericks. More than likely the website will undergo an update process during the event as it did during the iPhone event last month. An event that potentially will lead to another mass list of delays for shipping of the newest Apple devices.

AllthingsD, a very reliable tech outlet has advised their insiders leaked the word of the event. Check out the search on Guardian Express to locate articles discussing the details of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 which include:

  • 64-bit, A7 chip on both devices- this is a huge move for the iPad mini if rumors become fact.
  • Sleeker, thinner design for both.
  • The same colors on the iPhone 5S may be available on the iPad.
  • Retina display for the iPad 5 and the latest rumors suggest the iPad mini may come equipped with the Retina display as well.
  • It is suggested the iPad mini 2 will come equipped with the TouchID sensor.
  • RAM will be increased for both devices; the iPad 5 will get a boost to 2GB and the iPad mini 2 will receive 1GB of RAM.
  • Up to 128GB memory storage for both devices.

iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Release Date to be Announced October 22

This month has been humming in tech circles for all things Apple, originally the 15 was listed as a date to watch. Typically, invitations are sent out a week prior to the event and currently there are none spotted, reported or leaked. Therefore, this leave the 22 as the best possibility for the introduction of the iPad versions to finally hit the market.

October was supposed to be a big month- just not for Apple. Raining on a tech parade of mass proportions, Apple just stole the thunder from Microsoft. October 22 is also the day the Surface 2 RT will hit store shelves across the country. Pitting against the sleeker and wildly faster iPad version may create a further dismal day for the Windows champion. Nokia and Microsoft’s official acquisition will be celebrated that day as well. There were suggested hints a new Windows Phone 8 device would be released as an introduction into the merged brand.

Apple just rained on Nokia/Microsoft's parade
Apple just rained on Nokia/Microsoft’s parade

Now, it seems that Apple’s latest leaks might place the excitement of a Windows phone or tablet on the backburner. The iPhone 5S remains on backorder and delayed shipping across the globe. AT&T is reporting seven to 14 days for delivery of the Silver and Space Gray. The Gold seems to be the most out of touch color; it remains at a staggering  24 to 48 days for delivery. Wealthy consumers seeking to own a Gold iPhone 5S can mosey over to the e-Bay market where happy sellers are listing their Gold iPhone 5S’ for $4,000 or more.

Retailers like Wal-Mart and Radioshack are selling the iPhone 5C for $49, restrictions may apply so be sure to confirm with the store. Apple is making to look another splash in the technology realm. Equipping the iPad mini 2 with the TouchID and advanced chip could create a storm for the device in the array of available colors. The iPad 5 would be the better choice for consumers who want a larger screen – the chip factor will win here for both devices. October 22 marks the date of the big announcement, will you be looking forward to owning one of the newest releases?

Will you be purchasing one the new iPad versions?
Will you be purchasing one the new iPad versions?


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